Cranberry Apple Syrup

My poor little boy is so sick. We spent all night awake with him Wednesday night, and I spent all day yesterday holding has been non-stop cries. He has a terrible fever, I can’t get him to eat anything, and hes being tough about getting fluids down. He won’t sleep for more than 45…

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Apple, Bacon, and Brie Panini

My fiance was gone all weekend, and my sweet darling boy slept in until 9 o’clock every morning..he must have known! 😉 It was a treat, that’s for sure! We had an incredibly lazy Saturday filled with cartoons, cookie making, and napping. Glorious. We found out this weekend where we’ll be headed first after my…

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Apple Danish Braid

Is anyone as excited as I am about Revenge starting back up on Sunday night?! I know I was stoked for The Voice, but words can’t even say how completely obsessed I am with Revenge! Both my fiance and I watch it religiously and are so excited for its season premiere! Especially with last years…

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Apple Cinnamon Muffins

Umm anyone noticing a trend here? Like Apple week perhaps? Apple Chicken Pizza…..Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars..and now Apple Cinnamon Muffins.. I swear this wasn’t intentional! Last weekend we were going to go apple picking, but in my mind, it has to be cold enough for boots and sweaters to go apple picking, drink hot apple…

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Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars

I can’t believe the first ‘official’ day of Fall is just days away…where is the time going?! Although I’ve been all over the Fall bandwagon and ready for it since mid-August..(you can best believe I had a pumpkin latte in my hand the first day they were back!), it doesn’t mean that the change of…

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Three-Cheese Apple Chicken Pizza

We’re having this GIANT dilemma about whether or not to have our wedding in a Church or not. When I say Giant, I’m not kidding. Our wedding date was set for August 25….2012, so a month ago. And because of the drama surrounding a church wedding or not, we had to push it back to…

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Apple, Bacon, and Gouda Pizza

I LOVE pizza, like love-love-love it. I could eat it 7 days a week for breakfast lunch and dinner if it didn’t make my ass look like cottage cheese aka BAD cellulite. Problem is, if my fiance was more of a fan of it, I WOULD eat it seven days a week. I have an…

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