Spicy Cheese Dip

As much as Ive been enjoying all the wonderful holiday sweet treats, I really needed a break..I do have a baby coming in two weeks after all and umm, my last one was 10lbs I’m trying (slightly) to not plump this little guy up to much these last couple of weeks. bahahhahahaha you should…

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Hot Pepper Jelly

I had my first pumpkin latte of the season yesterday! Wahoo! I can’t even tell you how excited I was to find out there is already pumpkin. In August. Normally I’m all about savoring the last bit of Summer, and I will definitely have one last beach day, but yesterday was a PERFECT Fall day,…

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Roasted Vegetable Flatbread

I had one of those nights at work last night where I had to keep my eyes pried open with toothpicks. It was miserable..I hate feeling that exhausted! Now I’m home and can’t go to bed until my fiance comes home…think bloodshot, dry, 500,000,000 pound eyelids…exhaustion is not strong enough of a word. Moving on…

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Spinoccoli Pizza

MY SOON-TO-BE HUBBY BOUGHT ME A JUICER TODAY! haha I’m so excited! I’ve been begging for one forever! Ive seen all theses amazing juice recipes popping up everywhere and read so much about the health benefits of it, and I was so excited when he came home with one! 😀 We started juicing pretty much…

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Mini Frittatas

We made our weekly trip to Trader Joe’s yesterday! It is seriously like, one of the biggest highlights of my week! hah I looove perusing the aisles for a fun new product or delicious looking food! PLUS, they have some of the most beautiful flowers, at SUCH a great price! I get a bouquet every…

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Green Bean Casserole

I know Thanksgiving is over, and I should really give this up, but I must share so that you can print, pin, save, whatever it is you do to remember your recipes, for next years Thanksgiving, or for your next potluck that you have to bring a dish too, or wherever you go next that…

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Spicy Black Bean Soup

I have been in such a fabulous mood lately! It probably helps that its my favorite time of year, with all my favorite events going on! Going back to work has been great, as much as I miss my little guy, and believe me I do, its nice to get a break, it makes me…

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