Blood Orange Glazed Loaf Cake

TODAY. Is the first day that Ill be home with two kiddos by myself, Please dear God, help me balance it all. Please dear God, don’t make me have to leave the house! I know I need to go grocery shopping, and in my head I have this great plan to do it successfully,…

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French Baguette

I love bread. Like, all kinds of bread. Having bread with dinner is like needing a utensil to eat..its a necessity. I am constantly making bread around here. We love it. Its so easy and always so much better fresh, homemade, and hot out of the oven! This french baguette recipe is our go to….

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Cranberry Honey Oat Bread

Lately my son has been napping 3+ hours a day…that’s HUGE in this house. I’m used to 1- 1 1/2 hour naps, sending me into a tailspin to get as much done in that time period as I possible can! With these wonderfully long naps, Ive been able to take my time, baking, photographing, editing,…

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Boozy Banana Bread

Happy Monday! I know, start to another work week for most..BUT its also the first week of FALL TV! ha..nerd alert! But I’m pregnant and have a 15 month old, I don’t get out much, and so my nights consist of terribly, awesome, trashy TV 😀 Tonight is the first of THREE nights in a…

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Asiago Bagels

  Welcome to Fabtastic Eats! It is still me, Alaina! The writer, photographer, baker, cook, blogger, momma, fiancé, and face behind the blog! It’s all still the same, just with a new name and a bit of a face lift! I was feeling slightly bogged down by the name ‘mommysmenu’ feeling as though I may…

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Monkey Bread

I know I have been totally MIA. I apologize, I shouldn’t make excuses, but I might. I usually do. We went down to Mass for Thanksgiving this year, for the first time ever, which means we did our Black Friday Shopping down there, wowsers were there some seriously good deals, we may have splurged a…

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