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For years I pretty much viewed Valentines Day as something like this: it’s a silly holiday to rub it in the single peoples face that they’re alone, and a day to blow money for those who do have someone. I was slightly narrow minded, huh? 😉

While I totally do believe that it’s a Hallmark holiday, (fact: over 150 million cards are exchanged on Valentines Day) I also believe it’s a cutsie day to do something a little extra sweet, go the extra mile. My husband is so great at that…he’s always the most thoughtful person, every day of every week, all year round, but I know that sometimes I need a little shove…what can I say, I’m human and most of my energy goes towards my children, it’s definitely something I’m working on.

I believe we should be showing our love and appreciation everyday, but really, how can you go wrong with one extra special day of extra love?! There’s nothing negative about that!

So whether you celebrate and go out, stay in, buy gifts, don’t buy gifts, exchange cards, flowers, or don’t even acknowledge the red and pink holiday, I hope you squeeze your special someone a little tighter.

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