Two Months Old

Two Months Old

I’m a few days behind with this update, but I love doing them, if not for all of you, but definitely for me. It’ll be really cool to have this to look back on..especially since I’m not always great about keeping their baby books up to date! My little munchkin hit two months this past Monday. I just cannot believe how big he is already! He is growing so incredibly fast, and last months nickname of “peanut”, though still used, doesn’t really fit anymore. This little babe, is in the 90th & 99th percentile in both his height and his weight. He eats a lot, and he eats quickly, and hes growing even faster!



He is such a good natured, easy going, laid back little boy. We’re able to drop him off with my parents about once every two weeks and get a couple hours to go to dinner or lunch. It has been a really nice treat! With out first, we didn’t leave him with anyone until he was about six months old..he was a bit more difficult as a baby! (That was mostly my fault, I was so in love I didn’t put him down for two seconds..I even had him sleeping with me in bed at night..ooh how Ive learned & things have changed!)

_MG_1246 _MG_1222

My kids are everything to whole world. This may be a picture heavy post, but its absolutely nothing compared to the amount of pictures already categorized on my computer. I just can’t stop staring at them all day long! They’re beautiful, and so amazing! There was so much I was nervous about when I was pregnant, and it all seemed to just disappear. The two boys are incredible together. The way my oldest takes care of the little babe, and helps out all day long..the way he cuddles up next to him, to talk and tell him stories. He’s so gentle and loving..I couldn’t ask for a better friendship between them already.

_MG_1057 _MG_1077 _MG_1066

Time’s flying and we’re enjoying every single moment with these boys while they’re little babies..they grow up to darn quickly! We already have a 2 month old and 20 month old! (I can’t believe my little boy is going to be two soon..someone please slow things down!)

_MG_0761 _MG_0764 _MG_0770 _MG_0778 _MG_1175

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