Strawberry Pancakes with Vanilla Bean-Mascarpone Syrup

Fruity Vanilla Bean Pancakes, stuffed with Strawberries and drizzled with a Mascarpone-Vanilla Bean Syrup will win everyone over! Mothers Day is this case you didn’t already know..since it’s evrrryywherrreee.  My birthday was last weekend, so it’s been a pretty fun couple of weeks. Plus my parents arrive on’s the best mothers day present…

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Chocolate Coconut and Strawberry Waffles

Double Dark Chocolate Coconut Waffles, topped with Strawberries and Syrup! Mouthwatering dessert for breakfast! Do you get all into Easter? (I can’t believe we’re already talking about that…this year is flyiiiing.) I usually don’t get into any holidays, other than Christmas and my kids’ birthdays. but this year, my kids are old enough to completely…

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Strawberry Banana Oatmeal Smoothie

I have been drinking  A LOT of smoothies lately! Usually Ill go forever without them and then get on a huge kick! They’re so easy and simple! Throw a bunch of fruits or veggies in a blender, add some liquid, and voila! A snack in a glass! Or in the case of this fab Strawberry…

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Fruit Smoothie

I’m sure a lot of you don’t have this problem..but I have a hard time fitting in the suggested amount of fruits and vegetables every day. Usually I’m just so busy I forget to eat and before I know it, its dinner time. One of the easiest, greatest, & most delicious ways I attempt to…

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