White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

   I have a love affair with cheesecake. Seriously. It’s probably, most definitely, my all time favorite dessert. I love all kinds, all flavors; I want all of it, forever, me and cheesecake, everyday…. (I was totally channeling Nicholas Sparks there..In case you didn’t catch that…I’m feeling sappy.) But White Chocolate Raspberry has got to be…

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Blueberry-Raspberry Bars with a Cinnamon Stresual

The past 3 1/2 days have been miserable for my poor little man who has been so very sick, and for us, who have not slept..AT ALL. Its going to be a very long week..I feel so bad for my little guy, and I feel so helpless that he is this unhappy and there isn’t…

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Brie, Apples, & Raspberry Panini

I never realized how much was involved in planning a wedding..my hat goes off to those of you who have already done it successfully..and by successfully, I mean not once pulling your hair out or having to yell at anyone! 😛 haha seriously though, there is SO MUCH to know! It’s definitely fun, but the…

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