Hot Blackberry Fontina Dip with Black Truffle Crostini

OMG you guys. This dip. THIS DIP. I don’t even know how to explain it! I was soo skeptical when I first saw the combination of flavors, but oh meh goodness…it did not disappoint. Its soo incredible, it is like nothing I have ever had before. I mean..sweet and tart blackberries combined with creamy slightly…

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Roasted Tomatillo and Avocado Salsa Verde

Welcome to the 5th installment to dip week! If you’re just joining us, then check out the deliciously cheesy, Bacon, Caramelized Onions and Swiss Dip, Herbed Feta Dip, Blood Orange Blackberry Sangria, and a lighter Veggie Taco Dip! All of these are perfect game day snacks and cocktails, and really just perfect for any get…

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Veggie Taco Dip

I hope you’ve enjoyed Dip Week thus far! The Sangria from oh man, I’m telling you..make that! You will luuurve it! Moving on..Veggie Taco Dip. We have been making and demolishing this simple yet, flavorful, somewhat healthy, incredible dip in our family for years. It has been made for every party in extra large…

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Blood Orange Blackberry Sangria

I  made us Sangria. Blood Orange Blackberry Sangria to be exact. I shared with my hubby & parents. There was A LOT. It was gone reallly fast. I couldn’t wait another day to share this with you. This is the best Sangria Ive ever had. Hands down. It also received  a ton of “omg, this…

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Feta Dip

My hubby and I spent most of last night watching old SNL skits…umm Justin Timberlake is(was?) HILARIOUS. Also, I haven’t laughed so hysterically in awhile. If you haven’t checked these out and need a good laugh, (even if you don’t) watch these…”Dick in a box” doesn’t the name just say it all?! lol 3-Way…again, no…

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Bacon, Caramelized Shallots, and Swiss Dip

Welcome to the first edition of “Dip Week”! I’m going to be posting a new dip each day this week, maybe Ill throw a cocktail in there too, leading up to the Superbowl! Its going to be fabulous! Umm speaking of drinking..My parents stopped by Saturday night and offered to watch my boys for a…

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