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Cranberry Eggnog French Toast

Sweet and tangy meet with this eggnog french toast loaded with cranberry syrup! I have a serious issues with foods that don’t have enough texture to them. I hate things soggy and I hate anything lukewarm or cold. I’m totally a burn-the-rough-of-your-mouth-off kinda gal. I’m passing it onto my kids quite nicely. I knooow. I…

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Pomegranate Cranberry Mint Julep

Fresh Cranberries, cooked down and pureed with Pomegranate juice and fresh Mint then topped with bourbon, make a festive Holiday Pomegranate Cranberry Mint Julep! Okay, Okay! I know you’ve probably done all your Thanksgiving shopping and have zero desire to go to the store for anything else, but I just had to share one last…

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Apple-Cranberry Oatmeal Bake

“As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster” I love that movie. Ray Liotta is nuts, plus I have this crazy obsession with mob movies. Okay but seriously, as far back as I can remember, my mom has been making us oatmeal. She always made it every morning for…

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Cranberry Apple Spritzer (Mocktail Style!)

I made you all a drink. Cranberry Apple Spritzer! You’ll appreciate this much more if you’re pregnant and/or nursing 🙂 If you aren’t, you could and should, still totally make this as well. Just swap out the seltzer water for champagne or sparkling white wine. Enjoy this over the holiday season..its festive and fantastic! Using…

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Cranberry Apple Syrup

My poor little boy is so sick. We spent all night awake with him Wednesday night, and I spent all day yesterday holding has been non-stop cries. He has a terrible fever, I can’t get him to eat anything, and hes being tough about getting fluids down. He won’t sleep for more than 45…

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Cranberry Honey Oat Bread

Lately my son has been napping 3+ hours a day…that’s HUGE in this house. I’m used to 1- 1 1/2 hour naps, sending me into a tailspin to get as much done in that time period as I possible can! With these wonderfully long naps, Ive been able to take my time, baking, photographing, editing,…

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