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Caramel Stuffed Tofee Peanut Butter Cookies

A soft peanut butter and toffee cookie, stuffed with caramel and drizzled with dark chocolate! Melt in your mouth delicious! My youngest turned two yesterday. I can’t even believe it. I was flipping through photos of the day he was born, thanks to the Timehop app, and just can’t even fathom the last two years….

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Toffee Nutella Cookies

Toffee, chocolate, & Nutella, make up these soft and chewy tasty cookies! I made Toffee Nutella Cookies, but do you know how long it took me to hop on the Nutella train? Scratch that, how long it took me to even try it? The train had left the station and had arrived in Biscoff land…

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Caramel Apple Cookie Dough Bars

Spiced Cookie Dough is loaded with Cinnamon & fresh Apples, chilled and topped with ice cream and smothered in caramel! When we were little, my mom used to make cookie dough, roll it into logs, and just keep it in the freezer to break off and snack fun, right?! For a looooong time, I…

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Brown Butter Cinnamon Butterscotch Cookies

Fall in cookie form! Nutty browned butter, cinnamon, and melty butterscotch all rolled into a perfect little sweet! I am officially ready for fall baking! (In case these cookies didn’t give it away!) I’m ready for all things butter and cinnamon, pumpkin, butternut squash, and apples! Speaking of apples, get ready! Ten days STRAIGHT of…

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Biscoff Stuffed Vanilla Bean Snickerdoodles

Hi. Is your Biscoff obsession as crazy as mine? Do you sit there with a jar and inhale it by the spoonfulls? Do you make it into Waffles? How about Ice Cream? Its sooo smooth and creamy! Then do one better and smack that ice cream in between two snickerdoodle cookies, to make the best…

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Coconut Grapefruit Sugar Cookies

A tangy, bright, thick and chewy Coconut Grapefruit Sugar Cookie! A PERFECT Summer cookie! Hi! Have you had enough Coconut yet? I sure as heck hope not, because I’m still not stopping. I just can’t. If you only knew how much coconut vodka, coconut milk, coconut water, coconut flakes, coconut chap stick, and lotion, etc.,…

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Oatmeal Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chewy cookies with a slightly crunchy exterior, loaded with toasted coconut, oatmeal, and chocolate, make these babies irresistible! On nights where I’m working on the computer a lot, and my husband and I aren’t watching our shows together, he’s left to his own devices. It’s usually sports that he ends up watching, or catching up…

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