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Chicken, Pear, and Brie Panini

oh.meh.goodness. tomorrows thanksgiving! Wanna know what we’re doing?! I still don’t know yet! Bahaha Seriously though..we have been going back and forth with my fiances parents as to whether or not we’re going there or they’re coming here…for various reasons. I’m such a planner..and I like to be organized so I’m partly going crazy and…

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Chicken Enchilada Soup

I don’t know whats more comforting than soup on cold, dreary days. It warms you up, its homey, soothing, and best of all completely heart warming. We love soup in this house..whenever its chilly its the first thing my fiance requests, (or sometimes makes himself!) Soup is perfect when you’re not feeling well or when…

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Gorgonzola-Chicken Pasta

So on Saturday we’ve tackled a project that I’ve been dying to do for months..Ive had all the materials and was just waiting for the foam to be delivered. I saw a wonderful (& seemingly easy) DIY Ottoman)on Pinterest. Which I also thought would save us a bunch of money instead of buying know…

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Three-Cheese Apple Chicken Pizza

We’re having this GIANT dilemma about whether or not to have our wedding in a Church or not. When I say Giant, I’m not kidding. Our wedding date was set for August 25….2012, so a month ago. And because of the drama surrounding a church wedding or not, we had to push it back to…

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Chicken Enchiladas

Remember  yesterday when I told you I was a single girl for four days..that also meant eating alone. boo. Well I made these delicious enchiladas… (I tried to make just two…I got four good sized ones) These were super flavorful, and soo filling..I was only able to eat one! This recipe could so easily be…

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Chicken & Potato Skillet

Yesterday was GORGEOUS! It practically hit 80, (and by 80 I mean 72!) But for mid-April it felt like 80! (I even got a little sunburn!) In the morning Drew and I took our little tyke on Day 1 of week three of my C5K, and a long walk following that! It was to nice…

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Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps with Pineapple Jicama Slaw

I’ve recently taken the initiative to actually go pretty full force in attempting to lose weight and get back to my pre-baby bod..I have started the Couch to 5K..and let me just say..I knew I was out of shape, but woah. I had no idea it was that bad haha This running thing is….

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