Blueberry Ricotta Waffles

Pillowy Ricotta and Blueberry Waffles, almost cake-like with a citrus zing! Drizzle with syrup for an easy and tasty breakfast! Hi July 1st. You got here rather quickly. Let’s slow down shall we? I’m not quite ready for labor day and all things pumpkin quite yet. Pump those breaks. Are you loving every single aspect…

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Berry Coconut Smoothie

Light and refreshing, this antioxidant rich smoothie is perfect for giving your body a boost! Umm hi, I don’t know about you, but after this weekend, I need a detox. Like, a big one. Don’t even misunderstand me, it was so fun, and SO delicious! We ate A LOT of ridiculous food, did some fun…

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Fruit Smoothie

I’m sure a lot of you don’t have this problem..but I have a hard time fitting in the suggested amount of fruits and vegetables every day. Usually I’m just so busy I forget to eat and before I know it, its dinner time. One of the easiest, greatest, & most delicious ways I attempt to…

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Blueberry-Raspberry Bars with a Cinnamon Stresual

The past 3 1/2 days have been miserable for my poor little man who has been so very sick, and for us, who have not slept..AT ALL. Its going to be a very long week..I feel so bad for my little guy, and I feel so helpless that he is this unhappy and there isn’t…

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Blueberry Scones

I was never a cookie, cake, cupcake, baked goods, anything flour-y kinda gal until I got preggo! Now I can’t get enough and I literally have to PULL myself away..on top of that, I NEVER ate I love it! I beg my fiance to either take me to breakfast or make it for…

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