Creamy Pesto & Sundried Tomato Pasta Salad

An easy, tasty, cool and creamy pesto pasta salad, that is the perfect addition to any summer meal! I’m blogging! about food! It’s been since February folks…but this one I just had to share! Who doesn’t love easy, delicious, summer dishes, that can accompany any summer meal? This pasta salad is a winner..we’ve already made…

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Korean BBQ Burrito Bowl

Sweet, spicy, and an explosion of flavors loaded in this Korean BBQ burrito bowl! A few months ago, I visited the east coast. On the way back, the kids and I were sitting in the airport during a layover, starving. I have two boys, this is pretty typical, but we had already plowed through all…

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Korean BBQ Sauce

A sweet and spicy korean bbq sauce with a bit of tang! I have a super tasty sauce for you today! Come grilling time, I know you’re all going to want to slather this on everythiiiing. From chicken to grilled pizza, this sauce is sweet, spicy, tangy, sticky and soooo good! Until then, I have …

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Smoky Barbecue Ribs over Cheesy Grits

Smoky, grilled, slow cooked ribs, over cheesy grits, is a mouth watering combination, comforting, and sure to please! In about two weeks, we will have been living in Washington for exactly a year. I can’t even believe it. Before that we spent six months is Missouri..let me just say, their winters are no joke. I…

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BBQ Apple Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Tender Pork, slow cooked in sliced apples, sticky BBQ sauce, and apple juice concentrate, broiled with melty cheese, and topped with an apple slaw..this sandwich is mouthwatering and messy…just how I like it! My parents flew in last night! I’m so excited to have them here for another week! My brother has been here for…

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BBQ Chicken Quinoa Bake

Think BBQ Chicken Pizza, turned Quinoa Bake! All the flavors, a bit healthier, and done in 30 minutes! Tasty, easy, and sure to please! When we first moved to Maine, many many years ago. We kind of moved out to East Bum..quite literally, we lived on a dirt road, that was probably 3 miles long,…

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Chipotle Peach BBQ Sauce

Tangy, Sweet, with a Hint of Spice..this BBQ Sauce is perfectly balanced and mouthwatering on just about everything! I love Summer foods. Everything about them. Of course I love the comfort of homey, winter meals, but food in the Summer is just so crisp and fresh, and amazing. I mean, you can’t eat an entire…

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