Pike Place..what we love to eat, drink, and see!

ย  What to eat, drink, and see at Pike Place! IMG_0560 Okay okay! So I’m no where near any expert on Seattle, not by a long shot! But the more and more I spend time in this city, the more we discover and the more I fall in love with it!

IMG_0538 IMG_0552 IMG_0505 I am going to start documenting our favorite places in the city, the ones that we’ve tried more than once and love more each time! If not for anyone else to get information about, but definitely for us to keep track of. Since Pikes Place is one of the most popular stops in Seattle, I thought we’d start there. Whenever I visit, taste, or experience something new, I will update this post…it will kind of be ongoing!

IMG_0530 IMG_0537 So if you’re visiting this fabulous city that we’re beginning to call home, then please don’t miss any of these beautiful and delicious spots!

To start, you’ve heard of all the amazing fresh fruits and vegetables that line the edges of the market..these pictures don’t even do them justice, but they’re all so perfect. We’re never ever disappointed by anything we’ve purchased at any of the stands, it’s so fresh.

IMG_0504 IMG_0503 IMG_0506 IMG_0539 The flowers deserve an entire post of their own, but you’re just going to have to go see this place to find out, because they’re unbelievable. You can’t even leave the market without a bouquet or two. Simply stunning.

Okay! Some of our favorite places to eat…let’s start with the most obvious, because everyone has heard of the ‘Worlds Best’ Mac & Cheese!

BEECHER’S IMG_0512 IMG_0515 Yes, its fantastic!! Worlds Best? That has yet to be determined, but its DAMN, DAMN GOOD. What makes it so distinguishable from every other mac & cheese is it’s their own hand crafted Flagship and Just Jack Cheeses. So it’s not something you could ever taste elsewhere. Unless you buy the cheeses right there on the spot, and make it at home! ;)We’ve also tried a couple other flavors when they have them up..all good as well, but I still think the ‘World’s Best’ is our fav!

So yah, we stop in here almost every time we hit up Pikes Place!

Piroshky Russian Bakery..

IMG_0520 IMG_0521 This place is a winner. You MUST stop here. If you dont believe me, then believe the long ass line out the door and down the side walk, every single time. It’s well worth the 20-30 minute wait when its that long, I promise you won’t be sorry. The dough is smooth, buttery, soft, perfection.

The above two photos only show an inkling of what we’ve tried. For desserts, we’ve tried Oscars Star (holy crap) and the Chocolate Cream Hazelnut Roll. Both spectacular, but if I’m being totally honest, the real stars are their savory Piroshky! Mouth.water.ing. We’ve tried the Beef & Cheese (my husbands fav), the Smoked Salmon Pate, (my FAVORITE!), Sauerkraut, Cabbage and Onion, and the Smoked Mozzarella, Mushroom, and Broccoli. They are all over the top amazing! They sound so simple, but its the dough that they’re wrapped in that takes them over the edge. Definite must try!

P.S. If you like Salmon, I promise you won’t be disappointed with that choice!

Pike Place Chowder…

IMG_0574 IMG_0573 This place claims to have the ‘Nations Best’ New England Clam Chowder’. Well I’m from New England, born and raised. We’ve lived in Rhode Island, Mass, and Maine, and traveled everywhere else. Ive tried every Chowder on every corner of NE, so while I wish I could say that it’s the Nations Best, Id be lying. But it is still pretty freaking, amazing. (Friends, if you want REAL New England Chowder, GO TO NEW ENGLAND. I’m a NE Chowder snob, I look forward to it every Summer, and there is not another part of the country that even comes close…sorry.)

The chowder is great though, I’ve ordered it on a few separate occasions, so take that as you will. They have many other options on the menu, all fantastic! The Salmon Roll was tasty, but in my opinion, the bread to salmon ratio was off…to much bread, but super delish none the less! My mom tried the Crab Roll and said it was only okay, but again, we’re kind of picky and a little snobby about our seafood.

Anyways, if you’ve never been to New England and have wanted to try the Clam Chowder, this place comes close ๐Ÿ™‚

Le Panier..

IMG_0533 IMG_0534 IMG_0580

I always make a quick pit stop in here for a small box of French Macaron’s and a couple loaves of one of my most favorite breads, Pain de Campagne. It’s perfection. We just warm it up a little and slather it with softened, salty butter or creamy brie..it’s so crusty and fantastic..throw in a bottle of wine, and it’s been dinner a few times! ๐Ÿ˜‰

They’ve got loads of other goodies, and I plan on trying more, but I definitely recommend trying it out ๐Ÿ™‚

Pappardelle’s Pasta


We never, ever leave Pike Place without purchasing a few bags of pasta. It’s a little pricey, so we buy it in half pound increments and save it for just the two of us. Kids just wouldn’t appreciate some of these mouthwatering flavors. The Roasted Garlic Herb Fettuccine, Dark Chocolate Linguine, Chipotle Pepper Fettuccine, Lemon-Garlic Orzo, the list goes on, those are just a few we’ve tried, but they’ve all been so incredible.

We tend to keep the sauce light so the flavor of the pasta really shines. I mean just click through, and LOOK at all of these incredible flavors! Don’t leave without a few!

Local Color

We’ve popped in here a couple times to grab a beer or a snack. They’ve got high top tables right next to the sidewalk with wide open doors, almost like there is no front to the store, it’s great for fresh air and people watching! Out back they have a TV and comfy couches, its a great lounge area and a nice break for a few minutes! ๐Ÿ™‚



Greek Yogurt, but so fantastic. They’ve had at least a dozen different flavors. The passion fruit is spot on! We took one home that was loaded with cookies, it was like a decadent dessert! Definitely stop in and try some. Occasionally they’re even out there with samples..try them! The yogurt itself is so creamy and delicious!

Rachel’s Ginger Beer

rgb-varietybottles [via]

Locally owned and brewed Ginger Beer, and oh is it good! They offer flavored ginger beers, such as white peach, blood orange, pink guava, blueberry, and of course original. You seriously cannot go wrong with any of them!

I’m a huuuuge lover of ginger beer, I usually always keep some on hand. This place is great. You can go in and order a couple drinks and sit down, OR you can buy your ginger beer of choice in these awesome glass bottles and take it home! I recommend doing both! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Definitely worth a stop!


Okay, that’s all for today! Like I mentioned, the more often we go back and find somewhere else we love, I’ll add it to the list here! Moving out to Washington, I was incredibly excited for Seattle. The food! The drinks! The city..everything about it has not disappointed AT ALL! I can’t wait to explore even more!

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