One Month Old

1 month

I mentioned yesterday that our sweet little baby boy was already one month old! We can hardly believe how much he’s already grown and how fast! Watching him with his big brother completely melts my heart, they are so sweet together. I’m sure in about a year, I’m going to be saying that they’re crazy silly monkeys, but right now it is as cute as can be. His brother holds his hand, kisses his head, tries to give him a pacifier if hes crying, rubs his back, helps with EVERYTHING, cuddles up next to him, and talks up a storm to him..our little peanut just stares at him fully taking it all in, like he knows what hes saying..its unbelievable to watch.


I never knew I could love as hard as I do until I had these sweet kiddos. They are the best thing that has happened to us, we are so completely in love, they are the center of our world. Time definitely goes by to fast though.

My 19 month old has finally transitioned over to a “big boy bed”, something Ive been dreading for some time…Ive heard horror stories about how hard it can be, especially with a new baby. Well my big boy didn’t give me one fuss about it..I asked him one day if he wanted to try and nap in his ‘big boy bed’ and he climbed right in, cuddled his bear, and pulled up the blankets. I listened through the monitor as he sang to himself for about 15 minutes before falling asleep, never once getting up to play. He is doing incredibly well..the first night he slept in it, I was so nervous I hardly slept, getting up to check on him so much. (Disclosure: I’m the biggest worry-wart in the world.

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My kids blow me away every single day. These months are going to go by far to quickly, and they’re going to grow up way to fast. I am so lucky to be able to stay home with them and be here for every moment and milestone, and never have to miss a thing..I’m counting my blessings. 🙂

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