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IMG_4590 B&BW Candles & Holders..they’re SO pretty this year! I couldn’t just stop at one..and the candles..well it’s a given, and we’re all buying them, but it’s my most favorite time of year for candles..the Autumn flavors are just absolutely addicting. I burn through them wayyy to quickly! Can’t get enough!

IMG_4580Pumpkin Latte & Marshmallow lotion..ah I hardly every buy the lotions from Bath and Body Works, I don’t think I ever have before, but I had a free coupon for one. Soooo…I grabbed this one and it smells SO.GOOD! I kind of just want to lick myself. (ew, I know) But it’s so sweet and spicy and my favorite lotion right now!

IMG_4592 Dollar Shave Club…I ran across this somewhere on social media and finally signed up a couple months ago. My husband has to shave daily, as in 7 days a week. Army laws. So we flyyy through razors..especially with how course mens facial hair is, and I usually buy the good ones so his poor skin doesn’t get torn and all that yuck. I’ve bought the art of shaving kits before, and while he loves those, they’re more of a treat since they’re so pricey. But this dollar shave club business is awesome. We pay only $6/month for 4 razors. Which is nothing compared to others out there, where I was spending closer to $30. I definitely recommend this..razors delivered right to your doorstep for pennies!

IMG_4583 Pumpkin spice Oreos..I was skeptical. I mean, they’ve created some pretty whack flavors over the years, and I am not a fan of any of them. I’m still all about the original dunked in peanut butter. (& no I don’t like the PB stuffed oreos, NOT the same!) But my kids wanted to try these, so I caved. I was really surprised at how much I love these! While I don’t think they taste anything like pumpkin, and they’re pretty sweet, I can’t eat more than 1-2 at a time, (probably a GOOD thing!), they taste fantastic, dangerously so!

IMG_4581 Benefit High Beam..Have I mentioned this in a past post? If so, I apologize. But It’s on repeat again. I occasionally used it throughout the summer, it was so glowy with a good tan. But now that my skin is turning super pale again, I’m loving it more than ever. It add such a nice sheen with a little blush, and no joke, transforms my face. It’s one of the last things I put on whenIm doing my makeup, and I feel like I don’t look complete without it. It makes me looks so alive and awake, and I just can’t say enough great things about this product!

IMG_4588 The Breathing Series…I first saw these on Goodreads from another blogger who read them, then I read the post where she talked about them, and knew I had to read them. I, as she mentioned she did, sat on my couch and bed for a solid three days devouring this series. My full review is on goodreads, but oh goodness was it an absolutely incredible read. It was heartbreaking yet uplifting, it made me laugh, shed many tears, root for the characters, I became incredible attached to them, it was full of sadness and hope, trust, honesty, facing your fears, forgiveness, and so many more emotions. It was unbelievable..three days later and i still can’t start another book, because this one is still flowing through my head constantly. It’s sticking with me, I definitely recommend this series. Oh! And they’re being made into movies!! 🙂

IMG_4582 Maybelline Pumped Up Mascara..I know that mascara is totally and most definitely a personal preference based on your own eyelashes. But I had to throw this out there, because for the past year, I’ve always used a combination of 2 or 3 mascaras to achieve the look I’m going for, thick, long, volumized lashes…Maybelline has always been hit or miss for me, but compared to other drugstore brands, they’re my favorite in the mascara department..I try every new one they come out with, and this is the best right now! It doesn’t take me forever to layer it on, 2-3 coats, and they’re thick, long, dark and noticeable, and trust me, I have super light, hardly there lashes! Between the formula and the brush design, this is the only one I’m using and completely loving right now!

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