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photo(3) Chuck Taylor Slip Ons..I have been lusting after these for awhile, but I bought the mint colored ones in the spring, so I was trying to hold off. Finally, just did it. I love them a million times more. First off, they slip on, so great. They’ve got less holes for the laces, so they don’t look so long on my feet, and they’re comfy. Love em!

photo(4) Fitbit… My husband bought one for me about a month ago, because I’ve been eying it foreverrrr. And finally he just did it. Yay! I love it. It seriously motivates me to move my booty. Like the other day, it was 2pm, and I had only taken around 2,000 steps. Whaaaa? Lazy much? No, lots of computer work. BUT it made me get out, go for a run with my kids, take them out for summer treats, you know, just moove. And that is not a one time occasion. It happens all the time, daily, and I love it! Plus it definitely helps me make sure I drink enough water every day. Want to know what my goal is? 140 ounces. Guess what? I hit it every single day. No lie. I love watching the line turn green! The water intake alone has mad ea huge difference in my skin and body. And I love when my wrists vibrates when I hit my goal! Totally  loving it!

IMG_3674 Summer Chickpea Salad…I posted this on Instagram a few ago, and again in a glimpse of my life lately, and now I’m doing it again here, because let me tell you. I am obsessed. There is a permanent batch of it in my fridge because I cant stop making it. I passed the recipe along to my mom, she tried it, and now doubles her batches. My grandmother was visiting and tried it, and on her way home, stopped to pick up what she needed and went home and made it. Then the same thing happened with my aunt. Basically my home family is loving this salad and can’t get enough. Jessica, you rocked my world.

photo(5) Revlon Colorburst in Coquette…this shade is soooo pretty! It’s perfectly pink and summery! I wear it all the time, almost every time I leave the house these days! It’s so fun! Though the photo on the ulta makes it look glittery, it’s really not at all. It has a slight shimmer, but looks so great this time of year! Totally loving it!

photo 2 Planetbox…I love this! It’s an Eco-friendly lunch box, but the best part, in my opinion, the separation between foods! Gah, it used to drive me batty when my foods would touch, or things would get soggy. But with this lunch box, they don’t! And they stay cold longer. I always fill it with fruits and veggies, or the chickpea salad that I mentioned above. I bring it to the park or splash pad with us so my kids always have snacks, (they eat a lot!), and because I’m a mom, and a woman, I have a large purse, and the box fits right in! It also comes with a little dipper container, for sauces or dips for your veggies! So great, right?! They have three different sizes and layouts to fit your needs! My husband even takes it to work with him on occasion! Love it.

TheBERRY-Logo The Berry..this site is hilarious, and uplifting, and motivational, and fun. I love it. I browse it daily. I have the app on my phone and on my iPad. I wake up way to early, browse through the ‘daily motivation’ then get my butt out the door and hit the pavement before my husband leaves for work, it really does help. Then I get home, and drink my coffee while browsing through the ‘morning coffee’. And the rest of my day goes like that. It’s all photos. Some are so funny, silly, and downright ridiculous, but then there are others that are beautiful, creative, and totally make you feel better about yourself. Not to mention the eye candy! I love, love it.

10483402_295609177287465_175733900_n Cinnamon Whole Grain Power Pancakes..have I mentioned these yet? Probably, but whatever, they’re worth another yapping. I make these 2-3 times a week. My husband specifically mentions every weekend how he can’t wait for them. (I make them for him every Sunday.) They’re so simple, but they’re GOOD for you! And not just good for you, but really freaking delish. Occasionally I throw in some chia seeds or ground flax for an added health benefit, but og these are good. We load them up with fruit too and a little syrup. Lindsay knocked these out of the park. Can’t stop, won’t stop!

15341772_201404151859 {via}

Safavieh brand at Target..oh my word. I just stumbled upon it this week, and I am going crazy for these pieces. There are so many stunning mid-century pieces that I am swooning over! Lucky for me, we’re moving and completely redecorating a few rooms, the master being one! (eek!) I can just see myself cozying up in this chair with a good book! Loving this entire line!

Wine Cork Table..I’m so annoyed I don’t have a picture of this, but everything is packed up since we’re moving tomorrow. But we picked up a half barrel at a yard sale for like nothing, then bought the glass from Pier 1. We’ve had bags and bags of corks, just waiting for a project to be done with them. This was so perfect. I’m head over heels for this table. I literally look at it sometimes and it makes me want to drink wine. So I do. Grab a bottle and sit outside, with my favorite table, and talk with my husband. Have I mentioned I love Summer? Anyhoo, I’m obsessed with this little beauty. So much so, I went to home depot, bought another one, (at full price) and am designing a whole outdoor space (at our new home, we move in four days!!!) based on these two little gems! love love love.

Planetbox sent me their product to try, however, as always, all opinions are my own!

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