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It’s been awhile since I’ve yapped about things I’m currently obsessing over. Probably because these days I’m loving everrrrrything…but here are a few favorites! What are you current fav products or goodies?!

916482_743303409043797_1466054198_n Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Colors..I picked this up back when Ulta was having a sale on 40% off Revlon (& others) products. I wasn’t expecting much from it, but I LOVE it! I bought the Ginger Melon, mostly for the color, but the smell is so yummy too! It lasted about two days before it started to fade. BUT the fact that the polish lasted that long is saying something. Between all the cooking, cleaning, dishes, laundry etc. that I do on a daily basis, nail polish usually begins to chip for me within 24 hours, even with a base and top coat. Im in the midst of day four now and it’s still going strong-chip free. The reviews are all over the place, but I’m a lover. Smells good, looks good, and LASTS!

21420473 The Fixed Trilogy I feel like I’ve mentioned this one before, but I have to do it again, because I finished this series a few weeks ago, have read countless books that are crazy similar to it, (yes, I’m going through a huge romance/sex book love affair, it’s getting crazy), and nothing has even compared. I still think about this series daily, and wish they would turn it intoa movie. The males POV book comes out in a couple months and I’ve already pre-ordered it. I think I’ll go back and re-read these right before that one comes out. Great story and such a fun read! Plus, the guy in it is probably my favorite book boyfriend ever. <3

images 52ca50f8b45a11e3a8f3123daafffadd_8 IMG_3360 JustFab…LOVE this monthly service. It’s mostly shoes and bags, but they have some pants, dresses and accessories as well. But back to the shoes, because that’s what is the most important! LOVING the shoes, I want every single one of them. My only complaint is that the height on a lot of these babies is a little high for someone who is already pretty tall, but even still, fun designs and colors that I don’t see anywhere else! Good thing my husband is tall! Oh, and they have a kids line, and an athletics line, love it all!

IMG_3370 Posietint by Benefit…I’m hugely faithful to Tarte’s Amazonian blushes..they last forever. But for the Spring and Summer, I wanted to branch out a little and try a cream or liquid blush, so it wasn’t so heavy on my face. Holy cow. I tested out all sorts when I was at the store. I knew I was looking for either a light pink or a coral shade. I ended up picking up this one obviously, but when the girl first pulled the wand out of the bottle I immediately was like ‘no no no!’ it is BARBIE pink. Literally. At least it looked that way, but then I tried it out and I instantly fell in love. It’s such a soft, pretty, light, and girly natural looking shade. It’s build-able, depending I usually do 2-3 coats, but it’s so perfect, and it lasts all day. I don’t even feel like I have any makeup on my face at all. I may be a liquid blush convert.

IMG_3371 Starbucks Verismo…I’m a huge latte fan. I have an espresso machine and milk frother, and I love it, but it’s work and it’s time consuming, so a lot of times it just sits. When I received the Verismo from Staples, and realized that not only is it gorgeous, (hello! champagne colored!),  and makes single cups of coffee in less than a minute, but it makes espresso, and has milk pods to make latte’s too! Now I can make my favorite Caramel Macchiato at home! (I just bought the syrup on Amazon!) This beautiful gem hasn’t left my counter top since the day it arrived, and is used often! (My mom was obsessed when she was visiting!) Its SO fast, and the pods are the real thing. No more dragging my kids into the car, just to go down the road for a latte when I hit the afternoon slump! I was a Starbucks barista in college and thinking about all those drinks I can now concoct at home makes me giddy! Now Starbucks just needs to come out with some soy or almond milk pods, and this would be over the top!

IMG_3373 Bubba Water Bottle..I know it’s just a water bottle. But unless I have something pretty, that holds a ton of water, I don’t drink enough of it. I picked this one up recently at Target, and because A, the straw is so wide I get much more water at a time, and B, its pink and turquoise! I’ve been drinking between 100-120 ounces of water a day. This one only holds 24 ounces, but I needed it this size so it would fit in my car cup holder, it goes with me everywhere. They also have a 32 ounce one, which I may go back and get for around the house. When Im drinking this much water, I’m filling it constantly, and I go through soooo many lemons.

10431987_805089382836996_202450513_n Spiralizer! I posted this on Instagram about a week ago, that’s how long I’ve had it, and I’ve gotten so much feedback since. I’m also completely obsessed with this thing. Surprisingly, so is my husband. I had been lusting after it for awhile, so when it went on sale on Amazon, I couldn’t really say No. I’ve used it every single day for the last seven days. Our veggie intake has doubled. It makes the greatest curly fries, “pastas” and fillings for wraps. I’ve spiralized zucchini and cucumbers, obviously, carrots, radishes, fruit…I see a lot more veggies in our future! I highly recommend it! Oh, and Ali has some great recipes!

IMG_3369 Color Tattoo in Barely Branded…love this shade. It takes me 30 seconds to put on my eyelids and it’s perfect for this time of year. It doesn’t feel thick of cakey, and the color is so gorgeous. I wear this pretty much daily. Well daily as in, anytime I put on makeup! 😉

Staples gave me a Verismo in exchange for my review, but all opinions are honestly my own, always!

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