Obsessing Over!

1. Beauty Blender..okay, I know this one is old news to most, but to me, it’s new. Here’s the story. As you know there are about a million copycats of this baby out there, for a fraction of the cost. In my brain, I couldn’t see taking the plunge for a sponge, so I tried quite a few of the $4.99 variety. They all ended up in the trash, useless. THEN Ipsy was offering the actual blender as one of their free gifts if you use some of your points. I almost didn’t do it, because I figured it would be a waste since none of the other worked. I finally pulled the trigger, and Im never turning back. This sucker is nothing like its copycats, it’s the real deal. I don’t generally wear foundation, but I wear lots of concealer for those under eye circles, and the blender makes my skin look airbrushed and flawless. I love it so so much.
2. Coach Glitter iPhone Case…I am so obsessed with ALLL things gold and/or glitter right now! This case is beautiful! A little steep for an iPhone case, but I just love it soooo much!
3. Citrus! All things citrus right now..I drink enough lemon water to hydrate a small village, I eat more grapefruits than I probably should be, Oranges are my go-to snack, and almost everything I eat these days has lime juice squeezed on top. I just cannot get enough.
4. Tarte Poreless Primer…I received a sample size of this with my last Sephora order, and I love it. It really does fill in your pores and make your face look super smooth then you put on the rest of your makeup. I don’t really have a pore issue, but they’re obviously still there, and this stuff definitely fills in the ‘holes like putty’!
5. Puffer Vests! My mom bought me one at the beginning of Fall, and I’ve been living in it. I have a big puffy black one with a brown furry hood. I’m not sure where it came from but they’re really popular right now, so you can find them pretty much anywhere! I know Old Navy was selling them pretty fairly priced!
6. Yes to Grapefruit…everything. I love the whole line. I use the brightening face towels and the face scrub daily, and use the moisturizer on occasion. It smells incredible. It’s so delicious. And it all feels SO good on my skin. Seriously though, I keep buying these things for the scent alone. The rest is just a plus.
7. 14 Hands ‘Hot to Trot’..well first it’s wine, so I love it. Second, it’s red wine, so I reallllly love it. Third, it tastes absolutely fantastic. You will not come to my house and not find this well stocked. Very well stocked. It is my current favorite and I can’t get enough of it. Fourth..the name. Just yes.
8. Target flats…I bought the two pairs above recently, they were on a mega sale, like $11 each. And if Im not wearing boots, I live in ballet flats. Those two beauties are perfect. I love them both. a looooooot.
9. Polar FT4…My husband bought this last year for me for my birthday, and I’ve been loving it even more lately. I’ve been doing T-25, and am part of a group trying to lose some weight and tone up. I love this HRM. I’ve got my eye on the Fit Bit of Jawbone for this years birthday ;), but right now, I’m loving this one!
10. Rose Gold Ice Bucket and Cocktail Shaker…The one above isn’t the exact one we have, I couldn’t find it. But my mom bought us the most beautiful ice bucket and cocktail shaker set. It’s rose gold, and has a really cool texture to it. I love it so sooo much. People either love rose gold or hate it, and I love it. Not for every day jewelery, but for pretty much everything else, I think it’s so pretty and so unique!
What are YOU obsessed with lately?

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