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811qsoWEfnL._SL1500_ le pens…I adore these pens. I ordered them after I received the emily ley planner (below) for christmas and they’re all I use. It takes me back to my lisa frank days with all the colors but its so fun and they write so smooth without bleeding through. & they’re so pretty!

Emily-Ley-Simplified-Planner-2015-03_grande emily ley planner… I didn’t think a planner could be motivating, but this one is. I make a general list at the beginning of the week and fill out each day the night before with the things I know I need to do the following day, and I do them. I don’t let myself sit until everything is crossed off. Thats not to say it always gets finished, but Ive definitely been much more productive and much more organized since I started using this! & it helps with menu planning!

71CvuTsOLlL._UY679_ kate spade metro watch… I am swooning over this watch! Ive been eyeing it and I keep flashing it in front of my husband, kinda like hint hint! valentines day is coming up! sadly, I don’t think hes falling for it since we have never really made a big to-do about the sappy holiday. so alas, I think this one will have to be a treat to myself 😉 isn’t it so fun?!

16866736 maybelline face primer… this primer. Ive tried sooooo many. from cheap to expensive, and while I love this two faced primer, Im not always in the mood to spend that kind of cash, PLUS I found this maybelline one that works just as well if not better! It goes on almost like a super light, thin lotion, but as you’re rubbing it in, it almost feels like a powder, and within seconds, your face feels so smooth and your skin can still breathe. I loooooove it.

51qOyrVKgEL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-v3-big,TopRight,0,-55_SX278_SY278_PIkin4,BottomRight,1,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_ nocte by courtney cole…this book knocked me on my butt. I couldn’t put it down, I started and finished it in the same day. Its so unique. And the plot twist, omg, you don’t even see it coming…definitely go into this one blind, don’t try to figure out to much about it before starting it, trust me, you’ll enjoy the experience so much more! this is a must read!

rolling stones, laugh i nearly died… I love love loooove this song. Ive listened to it on repeat more times than I care to admit. its just so beautiful..


and thats all I got this week folks! a few affiliate links above. tell me, what are YOU loving!

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