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PicTapGo-Image(4)hot tools curling iron

I love this sucker. As a mom of two wild boys, I have about 9.5 minutes to get ready in the morning, which means my hair usually ends up in a messy bun and my makeup is at its bare minimum. But sometimes I just want my darn hair down. Ive tried loads of curling irons and I’m not sure Ive found on better. This sucker works quick, and it twists so the cord doesn’t get all knotted, which I love. I have pretty long hair, and I can get my entire head done in about 7 minutes. It’s like magic.

PicTapGo-Image(6)mint julep face masque

I’ve been using this exact same mask since I was 15. I’ve tried tons, cheap and more expensive ones, but I always come back to this one. It’s cooling, it actually cleans out my pores and makes my face feel so stinkin’ smooth. I hadn’t used it in forever, and finally did again and remembered all over again how much I just love it.

PicTapGo-Image(1)these boots!

I practically live in these. When I first walked into target and saw these, I was like hmm, suede, in the rainiest state in the country, probably not the best idea, but I tried them on anyways and fell in love. They’re super comfortable, the heel is chunky and only a couple inches tall, so I can wear them while running errands and carrying my kids around without a single problem. They’re so simple, but that’s kind of what I love about them, they don’t make any outfit seem overly dressed up, which is great for me!

PicTapGo-Image(5)revlon lip color in pink truffle

it’s so pretty and festive. It’s not to bold or bright, so Ive been wearing it daily for the last couple of months! It brings my face alive, during this dreary weather. Looks great no matter what!

this song by nick jonas may or may not be on repeat right now. I’ve even created a jealous pandora station. I absolutely love it. I cant even tell you how many times Ive listened to it, but know that it’s enough that even my husband knows the words now…

PicTapGo-Image(3)milani runway lashes mascara

I received this mascara with my Ipsy bag last month and I’ head over heels. It lengthens and thickens in only a couple coats. It doesn’t flake. It’s incredible, my go-to now!

PicTapGo-Imagecamille wine glasses

I bought these right before this season of Scandal started, because obviously I needed olivia pope wine glasses since I couldn’t have her wardrobe. I adore these wine glasses. My husband thinks I should only use them for special occasions because they’re so thin and pretty fragile, with such a tall narrow stem too, but they’re just to amazing to just sit there collecting dust. Kind of like waiting foreverĀ  or for a special occasion to wear your nicest or fanciest clothes, what’s the point? Life doesn’t go on forever, so use the good stuff!

PicTapGo-Image(2)brunch sweatshirt

I ordered this a few months ago and I just love it. I wear it practically every weekend. It’s probably the most honest piece of clothing I own šŸ˜‰

this video. I can’t even tell you how many timesĀ  Ive watched it and laughed my butt off this past week. It’s hilarious, plus I can totally and completely relate!

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