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Just a little forewarning, not only is this post picture heavy, per usual, but its extra loaded today. likely, because I haven’t done one of these before turkey day and I thought that I would give a rough recap of it all. and I do mean rough, this is only a sliver of the last month or so, and it’s loaded with pictures of my kids, because, well…the holidays are even more magical with them around!

IMG_6064 // they love each other so much it melts my heart. my oldest even pushed another kid out of the way at the play ground last week for trying to pick on my two year old. maybe I shouldn’t be, but I’m totally.. #proudmom IMG_6052 //basically my last two months on shame. IMG_6051 //oh yah, & spiked eggnog too! IMG_6054 // this is how they sit in the car together..cue tears. & when my youngest is crying, my oldest even sings to him too! gah! IMG_6057 //my husband was on leave for ten days…I got so much freakin’ coffee in bed and chances to sleep in, I didn’t need any other xmas gifts! though Im not complaing about my nick jonas cd or SOA t-shirt at all! 😉 IMG_6056 // most nights at the holidays consisted of this with my husband and a good christmas movie! IMG_5467 //countless sugar cookies. because they’re my fav. hands down. IMG_5578 //pomegranate mojitos! IMG_6070 //umm this boy. growing SO fast. IMG_5422 //eat all the cookies. as in, I did. I ate them all. myself. IMG_5677 //christmas-time helped discover that I have two little artists on my hands. theyd paint all day errryday if I let them. IMG_5582 //lots of snuggles, hot cocoa, eggnog, & polar express with my littles this holiday season! IMG_6053 //pretty sure there was nothing cuter than the first time I watched my three year old drink hot cocoa out of a coffee mug. IMG_5415 //my little cookie helpers! IMG_6071 //oh oh! this kid turned two this season. as in seven days before christmas. how? someone slow it all down. IMG_5531 //my favorite two boys in alllll the land. they make my heart explode IMG_6073 //best pasta makers there are. IMG_6072 //we made about 32947 pierogies this year. one of my most favorite holiday traditions. IMG_5684 //mini hugh hefners. except not. at all. just super cute in bathrobes! IMG_6058 //heading out to christmas eve mass, these two cuties were too psyched for santa! IMG_6060 //wouldn’t be christmas morning without mimosas…cheers! IMG_6059 //our kids woke us up realllly early when santa came. merry christmas! IMG_6061 //one of our best friends snapped us this pic on xmas morning. we gave out mini champagne bottles as part of out favors at our wedding. apparently he ran out, and called us in for reinforcements. happy to save the day! IMG_5637 //my husband has been talking about buying a record player for-ev-er…I finally pulled the plug & surprised him for xmas. its been a hit. daily. IMG_5673 //we made cooking for keeps pom braised beef short ribs with brown butter spatzle the day after xmas, it was mouthwatering and incredible. we were totally food moaning. IMG_6050 //my little artists. IMG_6055 //the best pizza of my LIFE. IMG_5752 //totally & completely head over heels in love with emily leys simplified planner. I can’t even tell you the organization and productivity it’s already helping me accomplish. IMG_5690 //mimoas on new years eve. with a spin! gin and mint too! IMG_6062 //one of our best friends spent the last two week with us and was here to ring in the new year. I won’t tell you how many bottles of wine we had by this point, lets just say…a lot. IMG_5713 //the next morning…bloodies, for what ails. IMG_6068 //then we spent the day in seattle. rallying. & drinking dark & stormies. IMG_6066 //while my husband spent countless minutes perusing a used record store for his new hobby. IMG_6069 //we played kings. yes, as in the drinking game. it was like college all over again. I kind of loved the blast from the past. then I learned to play texas hold em’, and don’t let my husband tell you any differently, but I was a natural. 😉 IMG_6065 //a new fav.  IMG_6063 //celebrating this guys birthday new years day. he turned 32, on Jan. 1st. I call him an old man multiple times a day..he loves me, really. IMG_5755 //build your own pizza. I pretty much ate all the cheese and drank alllll the beer the first week of the new year. resolutions. smesholutions. IMG_5746 //my handsome little man. IMG_6067 //the best rueben of MY LIFE. seriously. IMG_5767 //like I said…lots o’ cheese. IMG_5588 //my handsome studs. who make every single day amazing. here’s to 2015, cheers friends!

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