Life Lately!

WARNING: photo overload!

IMG_4879 -my husband and I got to go on a date for the second time this year! #movingproblems IMG_4880 -asiago beignets. ’nuff said. IMG_4882 i took these, and covered them in ice cream & whipped cream & sprinkles, at 11pm. hell-o. IMG_4600 -we visited dad at work. i went for the krispy kremes ๐Ÿ˜‰ IMG_4736 -best BEST apple fritter of my life. i may have ate three.. IMG_4881 the pink door. go there if you’re in seattle. IMG_4835 -we finalllly found a local authentic mexican joint. the amount of times we’ve been going a week is embarrassing. #wontstop. IMG_4838 the best coffee cake ever, with a bottle glass of wine. i told you it happened. IMG_4861 -my kids make me smile ๐Ÿ™‚ IMG_4883 -going crazy over allllll the squash. errrryday. IMG_4884 my most favorite apple pie. will definitely be on our turkey day menu! IMG_4875 -the rainy season in washington has arrived. finding lots of fun indoor activities to do with my kids, like painting! IMG_4885 -does anyone else find themselves drinking waaay more wine this time of year? can’t be just me…can it? IMG_4888 -we stumbled upon christian greys house when we were wandering around seattle. i straight up lost my shit. #notkiddingatall IMG_4754 -pumpkin patch fun with my kiddies! IMG_4889 -one word: underwhelmed. don’t even waste your time. not worth all the publicity in my opinion. IMG_4890 -some of my most favorite tacos. if you’re at pikes place, go to los agaves. youll thank me later. IMG_4887 -ignore my facial expression. my husband has been on a search for an authentic drew bledsoe jersey for 3 years. he found one on ebay & spent 4 hours last saturday night on there to get it. ive never seen him so excited. when it came in the mail, he made me put it on & send him a picture since he was at work. then he blew up my phone. then he proceeded to come home early just to wear it. hes whack. but im happy hes happy. IMG_4886 -more rainy day activities. indoor bounce houses. even i had fun with this one! IMG_4529 -loving that scandal & all my fall television is back!

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