Las Vegas Girls Trip (Where we Stayed, Ate, & Did!)

Last November we took a Las Vegas Girls Trip, and it was some of the most fun four days I’ve ever had! We flew in from the Northeast, Northwest, and Arizona at 6am on a Thursday morning and then took the red eye out on Sunday night, so we got a packed full four days and every second was a blast!

We went the first weekend of November so the weather was perfect and it wasn’t scorching hot. Perfect for jeans and tanks during the day and dresses at night without getting too hot or too cold. We did a ton of walking, even more eating, and laughed the hardest! If you’re not taking a yearly girls trip, its time to change that, because its seriously good for the soul, a tradition we’ll be repeating as often as possible!

Below Ive shared everything we did, its the ultimate guide to a weekend in Vegas!

Where We Stayed

The Cosmopolitan

When looking into all the gorgeous hotel options in Vegas, the  most important factor to us, was to be somewhere central. We knew we wanted to see it all and we would be walking a lot, but we didn’t want to be to far away from the middle of it all, and The Cosmo was so perfect for that! It was directly across from a Walgreens, which I know you wouldn’t normally think to look for, but it came in handy soooo many times. We bought our booze there for the room a few times, snacks daily, foot cushions for shoes, and so many random trips, seriously, we were there multiple times a day! hah

The hotel was right across from the Britney Spears concert we were going too as well, and was just centrally located to make easy access to everything! The Cosmo itself was absolutely gorgeous! You must visit The Chandelier Bar, its stunning in person, and there were so many amazing restaurants just inside the hotel, you’ll notice below we went to a few of them! The club Marquee is located there too, and we hit that up one night, loved that place! I highly recommend this one for any girls trip, its absolutely gorgeous!

Las Vegas Girls Trip (Where we Stayed, Ate, & Did!)

Where We Ate


This was the first place we tried off the plane! We had all been up since 2am, and by 11am when we were all checked into the hotel, we were starving and this place had rave reviews. It did not disappoint! I got the Thai Steak Salad and a side of onion rings, and it was amazing. They’re pretty famous for their burgers and boozy milkshakes, but I didn’t want to fill up on that so opted to skip those, but they looked crazy good! (seriously, just click on the link and check out those milkshakes!)

Virgil’s Real BBQ

I don’t have any photos, but this place was so tasty! I got the Brisket Melt and a watermelon margarita and both were delish! I love sitting al fresco when dining any chance I get, and this place had an outdoor patio with a gorgeous view of the High Roller! <—that was one thing I regret not doing, but we just didn’t make the time for it, next time though! Ive heard the views are incredible!

China Poblano

This was probably my least favorite of all them all. It wasn’t terrible, but the others were just SO incredible. This place was a mixed mexican and chinese cuisine, which sounds interesting, but didn’t work out to well for me, it could have just been what I ordered though! But if you do stop here, you MUST order the Hibiscus Margarita if they have it on special, it was amazing!


So nice, we went twice! Initially the view drew us to this spot. After a long day of walking around, we were all ready for happy hour and to rest our feet. This spot sits outside, directly across the street from the Bellagio Fountains. We parked our butts here, split a bottle of white, and watched the fountains, its perfect. Then we went back for brunch the next day, which was some seriously amazing food, I got the best Chicken & Waffles of my liiiffeeee, praise hands, not to mention they offer bottomless mimosas! 😉 This spot is a total win & one I will definitely return too on my next trip to Vegas!

Beauty & Essex

This spot had one of the best dinners Ive ever had. Do not leave without trying the ‘Grilled Cheese, Smoked Bacon, & Tomato Soup Dumplings’ OR the ‘Chorizo “Carbonara” Mac & Cheese’ TRUST. And definitely try one of their infamous cocktails, I can’t recommend the O.D.B enough!

The Henry

We went here for brunch on our last day & it was ahhhmazing. I mean, pretty much everywhere we went absolutely killed it. The food in vegas is top notch. As a table we shared the most incredible banana foster stuffed doughnuts with a salted caramel glaze, (I still dream about those!) & I ordered the Short Rib Benedict, which was the best benedict Ive ever had hands down. Highly recommend this place! Tip: Get there early, there was a long wait!

What We Did

Britney Spears Concert

Honestly, hearing that her Vegas residency was going to end at the end of 2017, is what sparked us to get there and make this vegas girls trip happen! And boy was it worth it. Shes an amazing performer and Ive been dying to see her since sixth grade, for real, “baby one more time” was my first CD ever! hah SO I’m really glad we did this! But there are tons of concerts in Vegas and if you’re going I highly recommend getting tickets to one! (Like Gwen Stefani!)

Bellagio Fountains

I mean, obviously. Does anyone go to Vegas and not see these?! But they’re worth a mention because they really are that cool. I loved them so much we went over and over again. The music timed to the water is so fun, its like the water is dancing! lol Totally worth multiple visits!

Explored the Strip

Duh. We walked A LOT. But its so cool seeing inside all of these hotels, they’re all so very different, and its fun stopping at different spots for a drink along the way. If I ever go back with my husband, I think well try to stay at Caesars Palace, pretty sure he’d love that!

‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ Sign

Lets be honest, we wanted this one because its insta worthy! 😛 We knew it was a bit of a walk, so we hit up walgreens (see we went a LOT) bought a soft cooler with a cross body strap, filled it with ice and a 12 pack of Truly’s and started our hike down there. It was a walk and we ended up taking an Uber home, but I am glad we did it. We didn’t know it at the time, but the memorial from the Vegas shooting was there, and it was so heartbreaking, I cried a pretty good cry. But it was beautifully done and I am glad we got to see the infamous sign!

Nightclubs: Omnia, Marquee & Chateau Nightclub

We hit up three different clubs, one each night we were there. Marquee was inside the Cosmo and was really fun, loved that one! Chateau probably had the coolest location. It was on the rooftop of the Paris Hotel and right under the Eiffel Tower, so it was all lit up and outside and pretty spectacular. Omnia was the biggest and craziest! There are multiple rooms with different types of music and Calvin Harris DJ’s here, it was pretty wild!

Girlfriends are good for the soul, and there is never enough time with them! A Vegas girls trip was such a fun spot for us to meet up and I miss them all like crazy! If only I could get them all to come out to Italy now… 😉

I hope this little recap was helpful for you!

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