Lake Garda Boat Days

This post is a few months late, but I still want it documented because its one of my favorite memories from our first Summer in Italy! We’re lucky enough to only be an hour from Lake Garda, the biggest lake in Italy! We’ve explored Sirmione before, which is a pretty popular destination on the lake, so when we heard you could rent boats for the day, we were all in!

We did it twice this Summer with some friends and it was SO MUCH FUN! We rented from Lazise Summertime Boat Rental both times. After calling around to multiple rental options around the lake, this spot had the best price and had boats that could hold up to eight people!

I will say that once you park, you do have to walk 1/4 mile to the actual boat pickup, but honestly, for the price compared to its competitors, it was 100% worth it…even carrying a beer filled yeti! 😉

Both times we rented the boat for 8 hours, usually its 10am-6pm, and even with that amount of time, the lake is so massive, its imposisble to see the entire thing. So the first time we went out on the boat, we went up an explored the northern half, stopped a bunch and jumped off in the middle of the lake. That was so fun! It reminded me so much of when I was younger, we lived on a lake for awhile and used to take the boat out all the time and just anchor out in the middle, jumping and swimming. Such a blast!

The second time we went out on the boat we circled around the southern half of the lake. We ended up getting to drop the anchor pretty close to shore in one spot for a few hours and swim inland. The kids loved it because they could touch and search for little sea animals! On the way back towards the dock, it started to get pretty windy so the water was spraying up HARD because the waves were pretty huge, but we just sat in the back of the boat getting soaked and laughing our butts off! The entire experience was so much fun!

There is a restaurant right next to the parking lot called Chiosco La Bosca, so both times we got off the boat we were able to load up the cars, change and hang out for some dinner and drinks. They had a little gelato station for the kids too, and live music at night. Its so convenient, delicious, and a really fun end to the day after being out on the water!

If you’re ever in Norther Italy in the Summertime, and looking to spend a day on the water, or near Lake Garda, I truly can’t recommend this experience enough! Throw on your suit, pack some snacks, fill a cooler with drinks, and don’t forget your bluetooth speaker to blare the music! IT IS A BLAST!

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