Just another Manic Monday..

// another monday…gosh the weekends fly. I started this week off by waking up and realizing I RAN OUT OF COFFEE! How does that even happen? WHO even lets that happen? This girl apparently…and let me just say, when you’re almost 38 weeks pregnant, just want to lay on the couch and binge-watch netflix all day, but instead you have a mile long to-do list to complete before baby gets here and two toddlers to take care of, not having coffee is hell. So the logical thing to do would have been to get in the car and go get some, but lord that sounded like soooo much work (plus I could really use a shower, tmi?) so I got stuck drinking the stash of blueberry coffee (blehhh!) that my husband loves, and it was not satisfying at all. Im whining aren’t I?

// so we’ve always had a hard time deciding on names. With our last, we didn’t make a decision until we were sitting in the hospital, in labor, at 4am, but hey, at least we had a short list by then. This time, when I found out I was pregnant, I wanted to have a name picked out early on, I was determined! Well, my husband and son picked one, it took me awhile, but I warmed up to it, partly because we couldn’t find anything better, and partly beccause my son was already calling him by that name allll the time. Well early last week, I heard someone say it, and my friend had said it in converstaion a couple times talking about le baby, and it just made me cringe, I hated it! SO I text my husband, telling him I just can’t do it, and he says “yeah, the name has definitely soured on me too” uhhh…yah think he would have told me that? anyways, we’re back to square one! just about two weeks out from the little bambino getting here, and we have no names, not even a short list. There is nothing we LOVE, or nothing we can actually agree on. So hit me with your best! I need any help I can get!

// ohhh and to add insult to injury, we’re car shopping. (man, I’m complaining a lot in this post, aren’t I? mondays…) we finally got with the program on friday and tried installing the infant seat. Well…we already have a car seat and a booster seat back there, SO trying to squeeze a third was impossible. It didn’t fit. We have an SUV, so we have a third row, but there are no anchors or tethers in the last row to hold one of the car seats, PLUS, we’d have to go in through the trunk every time to strap in one of our kids. I can’t even believe it, but we spent almost 10 hours yesterday researching cars like crazy, we have a full day of appointments and test driving scheduled for this friday..but we’re just so limited. They definitely don’t make many SUV’s car seat friendly for more than two car seats. Pain in my arse, so unless I’m ready to drive a mini-van, we’re limited to about two SUV’s… c’est la vie!

// aside from my super long to-do list, since this is the last couple weeks as a mom of two, and I know after a newborn arrives, I’m pretty much stuck to the house for a few weeks, the boys and I are trying to squeeze in as much fun as possible! My friend and I took our kids to the zoo last week, which actually ended with a trip to the ER, definitely one of my most scary mom moments yet, but at least my oldest got to enjoy the day, and even though its supposed to rain all week this week, which I’m welcoming, because the heat was really crazy this summer, we’re going to pack it full with fun and activities! I’m squeezing out all the energy I’ve got left here!

// since it rained all weekend, we got to spend it inside, finally hanging stuff on our walls..yeah we’ve been here over a year and had hardly anything hung, it always seems to be the last thing when we move, we still have a ways to go, but gosh what a difference filled walls make…like the house becomes a home 🙂 with baby arriving, our projects are dwindling, and Ill tell yah, my husband is leaping with joy! Plus foot ball season is about to start for real and the guy can hardly contain his excitement! We’re all pretty excited around here actually, my youngest has already been rocking his pats jersey, and they’re ready for it!

Hope you all are having a wonderfullll Monday and have an enjoyable week! p.s. since it’s september is it safe to share pumpkin recipes yet?! 😉

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