January Ipsy Bag Review

January Ipsy Bag Review

I love receiving my Ipsy bag every month! I’ve been subscribed for about two years now, and going strong! What is it? So glad you asked! Similar to other monthly subscriptions, you pay $10/month, and you get a new makeup bag which include 4-5 products. Some of them are sample sizes, but many are full size. It’s seriously such a steal and I love, love getting to test out new products all the time!

When you sign up, you take a little quiz, fill out all the info about your hair and skin type, and they try to match you up as best as possible. In the beginning I would have a few months of stuff that I just wasn’t all that interested in, so I went back and filled out the quiz again, (I did this a few times actually!) until the products were tailored to exactly what I wanted and liked. It’s super fun!

Some months I recognize all the brands, other months I do not, but either way, it’s always so fun to try out new ones!

Click here to sign up for only $10 a month!

January Ipsy Bag Review

Below is my review of my January Ipsy bag. Keep in mind everyone’s is slightly different, they have about 30 or so products each month to fill the bags with, and they will fill your bag with what best matches your preferences in your profile.

I’ll rate them on a 5 star scale, (1 being highly dislike and 5 being loved) and talk a little bit about what I thought!

So, lets get to it!


OFRA Cosmetics Universal Eye Pencil Rating: 3 stars

So I used this on and off the last few weeks, and I liked it. I talked about here what I usually use for my brows, and I still prefer that one, it seems to go on a bit smoother, but I loved the shade of the OFRA one, and loved how defined it was, and it definitely lasted all day too!


the BALM Cosmetics, Mr. Write (Now) in rich bronze Rating: 5 stars

clearly I loved this one! It was so pretty, it glides on nice and smooth, and it’s super long lasting! It looks slightly metallic and I just loved this eyeliner!


skyn ICELAND Glacier Cleansing Cloths Rating: 4 stars

sooo cleansing wipes seem to be either loved or hated. I’m up there with those that believe that they don’t fully remove everything, but I still always have them on hand, for those nights where I’m super tired and don’t want to wash my face, I figure it’s better than nothing. Plus, even when I use makeup remover wipes, I still splash some water on my face when I’m done with them.

But these, I loved! As you use them and rubbed them around your face, it activated a little cleansing foam, so it really feels like your face gets cleaned, and they smell so refreshing. I would wash my face with one of these and do a quick rinse with some water, dry, and moisturize on those lazy nights!


J.Cat Beauty Blinkle Shimmer Eyeshadow Rating: 2 stars

I didn’t really love this. The color is pretty and all, but it takes quite a few layers to get a good pigment on your lids, and it just doesn’t last long enough for me. Full disclosure though, I’m not a huge fan of eye shadows to begin with, I have a couple that I use on occasion and they’re all neutral shades, so take my review of this bright color with a grain of salt 🙂


Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes Curl Rating: n/a

I feel like I can’t rate this one properly. Up until a couple days ago, I had extensions on so I wasnt using mascara. Ill come back in a couple weeks and update this one, sorry!

SO fun, right? If you’d like to get a monthly subscription too, sign up here! It’s only $10 for SO much!

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