I’m still alive! (Life lately!)


Sooooo….I kinda left yah hanging back in April, this place has been a ghost town, along with all my social media, except insta, because I love it and can’t get enough! So unless you follow me there, I have some updating to do! Theres been a looooot going on, so lets get down to it!


Last we spoke, we were finding out the gender of our sweet babe! We’re adding a third boy to this crazy crew! I am so thrilled, and my kids are so excited, they’ve even named him, though my husband and I haven’t 100% decided on a name yet!

If I’m being totally and completely honest with myself, and you, I was a smiiiidge disappointed when my husband and I opened that envelope, like, I may have even shed a few tears…I was convinced I was having a girl, everything felt so different this time. It actually took me a couple hours to move past it, then I just felt so guilty and awful, because what should it matter what we’re having, as long as this sweet babe is healthy, buuuut I’m human, and that was my initial reaction. That was a couple months ago, and  now I’m so happy, having three boys is going to be a blast, plus I’m already a boy mom, I’ve got a pretty good rhythm with these little gents, so adding a third will be even more fun!


-Lets see, we’ve had lots of company, after we got back from California, (which I want to recap for you, because Ive got some great tips for road tripping with kids!) my mom came back for another visit for a week, then a couple weeks later my brother and his girlfriend were here for ten days, and the day they flew out, my in-laws flew in for ten days! phew, its been crazy! All our company just left on Monday, and we’re not  expecting anymore until September, after this little guy is due, so we’re looking forward to a relaxing summer!

-oh! In the midst of all that, my husband blew his back out, and after two weeks of hardly being able to move off the floor, had back surgery. So hes been home with us for almost two months, and goes back to work in about a week. Its been wonderful having him around, especially for the boys. The beginning was very rough at first, the kids didnt really understand why he couldn’t play with them or pick them up, but now that hes healing well, its been really great!


-my oldest little man turned four last week!!! guys, fastest four years of my life. so cliche, I know, but holy cow. We spent the week doing lots of his favorite things, we took him to the flight and space museum, hes in love with airplanes, we went to the zoo and aquarium, ate all of his favorite foods and sweets, his grandparents were here, so he looooved that! He was super spoiled this year..


…hes been asking every.single.day since mid-january for a ride on front loader, we don’t even know where he saw one, but he did, got it stuck in his head, and asked every day. And every day we told him he had to wait for his birthday, so for the last month, every day hes been reminding us that his birthday is June 3rd, that hes turning four, and that’s when his front loader will be here! Its been pretty darn hilarious! But he got it, and I have never seen him light up so much, he adores this thing, and its pretty darn cute watching him drive down the road!


oh and the same day as his birthday, our neighbors offered us their wooden playhouse! If we didn’t take it they were thinking of just burning it! SO he got that for his birthday as well, which he loves! The kids just sit up there snacking and playing, its adorable. My husband and I spent three days, sanding the whole thing down and re-staining it, we even ordered a new slide, but it was totally worth it, it looks brand new now!


-hmm..mothers day of course, and my birthday were both in the beginning of may! somehow birthdays got a little less exiting as Ive gotten older, I want time to slooooow down, so I don’t really look forward to them as much as I used too! however, I was pretty spoiled this year, and just check out this watch Ive had my eye on forever, this pic doesn’t do it justice, its so sparkly! my husband did gooooood. 😉

IMG_9784 IMG_9561

-oh! oh! oh! my baby brother and his wife had their baby girl! I’m an auntie! I am so beyond thrilled and excited for them, and absolutely hate that we don’t live closer! I don’t know when Ill get a chance to meet her, but I sure hope its soon!


-I planted a little herb garden today! We’ll see what happens…anything ive ever tried to grow, I’ve killed. My husband hardly lets me buy house plants anymore, because I always kill them, so he says its a waste of money. I’m going to try to keep these herbs alive, and then use them as ammo for filling our house up with some greenery! 😉


-Now that all our company is gone, we’re tearing apart our guest room, and beginning to put together a nursery! Im pretty excited about that! I haven’t decided on colors yet, mostly because I like to much, but I do know itll be pretty neutral, because I definitely get sick of primary colors very quickly!

-We’ve been diy’ing like crazy! Can’t wait to show you some of those projects!

Alright, Ive talked your ear off, I know there is more, but Ill save it for another time! These are the biggest things lately! Hopefully I get back to blogging more regularly, but honestly, I’m seriously enjoying this summer with my boys, we put up our pool this week, and now I never want to leave my house!


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