Happy Hour!

Wow! I haven’t done one of these posts in forever…(I think since right before my wedding!) One of my goals in the New Year, is to stick to my schedule! So I want to get back on board with these weekly, because they’re fun! Well for me anyways, hopefully for you too! I love reading and knowing the people behind the blogs I read, I love any kind of lifestyle posts, and I love getting to know you guys too!

If you’re new, basically these posts are what I’d talk to you about if we went to Happy Hour together. My best friend and I used to meet up once a week for happy hour, and I want to do it with all of you too! Sooo..

Happy Hour!

If we were at happy hour this afternoon, I’d tell you…

I’m so crazy excited that we’re almost done here in Missouri!! Only 29 1/2 days left to be exact…(not that I’m counting!) But ahhh I can’t even wait. I don’t think I have ever hated a place so freakin’ much. Don’t get me wrong, there are parts of Missouri that are wonderful..we’ve had a blast in Columbia on numerous occasions, St. Louis is a ball, and they’re is some decent shopping in Osage Beach…but here’s the thing…all these places are 1 1/2-2 hours away. Seriously, they put this base in the middle of nowhere, there’s not even a Target…all I’ve got is a Walmart folks..and a girl can’t live like that. Plus Im pretty sick of living in a hotel with two kids…and NO OVEN. Okay, Im done ranting..because..

My biggest goal this year is to be MORE POSITIVE. I tend to get anxious, worry, whine, complain, etc. (see above….) and I can be very pessimistic, I generally don’t see the silver lining. And I hate it. It drives my husband nuts because he’s actually the complete opposite. (Thank goodness one of us is.) But I want to change my view on things, I want to be much more optimistic, and see the positives in life.

Ooh can I tell you how excited I am that H&M finally has online shopping. I mean it’s kind of dangerous too, but when you’re living out here in fort-lost-in-the-woods, online shopping pretty much becomes your best friend! I’ve already placed an order and am pretty happy about it. They have fantastic kids clothes too..I’ve gotten some incredible sweaters, coats, and pants for my boys there. Oh and their maternity section rocked my sock off when I was pregnant. Only place I shopped.

No one tells you how hard it is to live so far from all your family and friends. Those of you who moved away from family by choice, why? and how did you do that? The army pulled us away, so we have had to go, and I didn’t think it would be as hard as it is. Having no one around can be really depressing at times. I miss everyone like crazy. I’m trying to keep as busy as I can, but it still sucks not being able to drive ten minutes down the road to see my parents or our friends. My husband keeps telling me that it’ll get easier..I keep waiting for it!

I’ve been trying to get back into a workout routine. Before the holidays I was going 5-6 days a week and I felt really good, (I even dropped a jean size!) but those pesky holidays threw me all off, and once I stop going for more than a week, I start to lose motivation..plus this frigid weather doesn’t help. Though I suppose that’s just an excuse. Someone posted on Instagram the other day “Summer bodies are made in the winter.” It gave me a good laugh, but it’s true too. It was enough to get my booty in gear. Plus my kids loooove the indoor playground they have there…so even on days that I’m not in the mood, my two year old begs me to go…seriously, how do you say No to that?! You don’t. You move your butt!

I’m so excited to move and get a new house that is a blank slate to decorate! When we left Maine, we purged everything. Seriously, we got rid of so much and it was fantastic. So when we get to Washington, I can start from scratch and decorate our whole house room by room. I’ve never done that before so I’m super excited! I’ve been looking for lots of ideas, so I started a home inspiration board on Pinterest, and it’s been really fun! I wish we could see a picture, double click it, and then that room would instantly show up in your house. That would be sweet. So where are your favorite places to shop for home decorating? I love Home Goods and West Elm..and I hear World Market can have some fun stuff too, but give me your favs friends!

I need a new show to get hooked on. I’m crazy obsessed with Scandal right now, but it’s on hiatus until February 27th. I’m not impressed. I’m all caught up on Nashville and Revenge, so I would love something new to watch! I don’t care if its not airing anymore or Ive already missed the first few seasons, I want a new show to go crazy over. So hit me with your TV obsession!

One of my favorite books is being turned into a movie! Gone Girl comes out this October, and I cannot wait! Especially since I read that Gillian Flynn wrote a completely different ending to the movie..that will be interesting! What is your favorite book? I’d love to start reading more again!

Does anyone have either the Fitbit or the Jawbone? I want to get a tracker, Ive read a ton about both, and it seems like they generally do the same thing..just wondering if anyone has one and what they love about it?!

Okay, that’s all today folks! Thanks for hanging with meeee! :-*

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