Happy Hour!


Did you know I’m planning a wedding? Yah I am. “Busy” around here, doesn’t even explain it. It is SO much harder to plan a wedding with two little babies! My time is so limited. Trying to keep up with the blog while raising two kids, and attempting to get into a wedding dress, all while planning the wedding. Cah-razy! I can’t wait for our wedding, but once its over I am so excited to relax the remainder of the Summer!

Oh yes..wedding mentioned above is in less than two months. SO much to do on top of all that; my sons birthday, my hubs graduation and commissioning ceremonies, oh and the military ball. So much to look forward to!

I’ve recently started level two of the 30 Day Shred. OUCH.

We’ve been going to cake tastings for the wedding, obviously. Hands down my favorite part of planning so far!

Did you see this new cookbook!? Gah, I can’t wait to get my hands on one! I loooove avocados!

Bahahah I just laughed my butt off at this!! Hah Can anyone else relate?! I think yes.

While we’re talking about the 90’s..this is awesome. Especially 2 and 7. But really all of them.

SO happy about this! Im definitely going to miss this flavor!

I used to have the longest list of shows to watch every week..my DVR would always be overflowing around 95% full..now, I think I religiously watch about four..Ive realized now that my time is so limited, that I’ve really got to pick and choose whats worth it..and sorry, but the trash I used to love and get a kick out of, is not worth it anymore. Wait, does that mean I’m growing up? Maybe turning 25 really does make a difference? oh boy.

I want these, badly. Someone want to make them for me for my birthday next week? 😉

THIS is genius. I’m seriously considering trying to implement this when we go out with friends! Isn’t it SO annoying? I’m completely guilty of it too, which is why I think its brilliant.

Apparently Im on a 90’s kick. Giggling. Just me?

Later Friends! Going out to enjoy the Sunny, 60 degree weather! Since its New England, chances are tomorrow will be 15 degrees and snowy! Hope you get a chance to get out today if you have great weather! xo

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