Happy Hour!



Since it IS happy hour..I hope you’re sipping on one of these fabulous mojitos!

Guysss…I’m going to a quarter century old, three weeks from yesterday. ew. To me, that sounds to old. Where have the last five years gone? Sheesh.

Oh.Wow. Do I need to even say anymore? Other than the fact that I wish I wasn’t trying to drop 10 in the next three weeks.

Man oh man, I really want these too. Can you tell I’m ready for “smores season” yes, its a thing.

On Wednesday we took our son out for an afternoon sweet treat, and I got this raspberry stuffed cookie. (See it back there?) Ok, I know it sounds so simple, but it was seriously one of the best cookies I have ever had. I can’t get it out of my head. The cookie was so flaky, and soft, and buttery, oh my, pure bliss. I just want to go get another ten one.

THIS is funny. Especially #10. And Ive always wondered that myself about #20. Oh, and #13 drives be batty.

Today, we’re not doing anything fun. We’re switching our kids rooms around, ie; taking doors off hinges and taking apart beds and cribs to fit them through..that does not sound fun. I wish someone would come do it with my hubs so that I could go do some shopping..Im really wanting some new shoes. and dresses. and a hot pink blazer..I really, really want that.

We’re coming into iced coffee season!! woohoo! This excites me tremendously..my hubs doesn’t get as excited because he drinks iced coffee allll year round..such a weirdo. Dead of winter, -10 degrees, and the guy is warming up our cars with Iced Coffee in hands..claims he hates warm drinks…Ill never understand it. But I also think that a steaming hot cup of coffee every morning is the sweet nectar of the gods.

We watched The Amazing Spiderman last night.. I went into it completely skeptical and ending up totallly loving it. SO much more than all of the others. And Im not even a superhero movie, loving gal. (Did I just call myself a ‘gal’..wth?)

I’ve been complaining about technology a lot lately, so this made me giggle. haha

omg..does anyone else do this?! I thought I was the only neurotic one!

Will someone please buy me these heels? I mean, they are part my wedding color scheme..I think they’d look perfect under my dress…

That wine up there? I’ve talked about it before..its from Trader Joes..it only comes in twice a year. I LOVE it. I buy it by the cases when it comes in..and I rarely share it when I open the bottle.

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