Happy Hour!

Happy Hour

I received this espresso maker for Christmas…I have seriously paid for this 80 times over already. When I spend around $5.60 per Starbucks Latte, this was the best gift Ive ever received. Now I make lattes on a daily basis in the comfort of my own home, that tastes exactly like the fancy, schmnacy mega moola ones. I even buy the syrup to suit my flavor needs! If you’ve ever considered investing in one..do it. There are some GREAT ones for super cheap!

Any Veronica Mars fans out there? Did you hear they’re coming out with a movie? Yah, Im like a 15 year old girl right now. I LOVED this show, I probably re-watached the seasons as much as some re-watch Dawsons Creek..I know. But Im ecstatic for this!

Still trying to find a new reader for all of your favorite blogs? Nosh On It did a great article about Bloglovin vs Feedly. Check it out.

The other day, I got up and took a shower before my hubs left, because seriously, I don’t get to shower otherwise..to prove my point: after said shower, I put in a hair mask, because you know this darn dry weather and curly hair just don’t mix, anyhoo, the mask stayed in all day, and all night…because I completely forgot to rinse it out. I was to busy to remember…primping is much harder now-a-days…kids keep me going. (at least I didn’t leave the house with it in)

Can you believe Easter is a week away. It totally threw me off that it is in March this year…when was the last time that occurred?

I finished fully catching up on Downton this week..I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t seen it..but oh.my.god. I’m crying inside.

Also, this is tragic. Why, oh why?!

Did you read 50 Shades of Gray? I did. (Obviously..I love to read trashy things) And yes, I loved it. I’m completely anxious for the casting of the movie..but if there’s a question of who should play Christian Gray, there shouldn’t be..I found their man.

This always gives me a good laugh..some weeks, I think that my son could probably feel this way if he was a tad bit older! 😛

I’m getting even more excited!!! *Insert 13 year old me* SQUEEEEELLL!

Umm did anyone else notice how much TV I talked about during Happy Hour…sheesh, I need a life.

Also, I leave you with this. Its HILARIOUS.

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