Happy Hour!


Do you know what is one of the most frustrating things in the world? When your favorite mascara gets discontinued. I have searched high and low, amazon only has one left in stock and they up-charged the stupid thing like crazy. I have been wearing the same mascara since I started wearing make-up..like ten years ago. (omg, I can’t believe its already been that long) And now suddenly they decided it would be a good idea to discontinue their classic mascara. lame. So in the past three weeks, Ive tried four different new ones. I’m not keen on any of them, and get by with alternating coats between two of them..need help friends…I need a thick, voluminous mascara that doesn’t clump..what are your favorites!?


I picked up this new Lemon Mint Leaf candle at Bath and Body Works a couple days ago..its already half gone. I hardly ever blow it out..its so refreshing and smells like Spring in my house..speaking of, where are you sun and warm weather?

Have you all played Apple to Apples? I’m sure you have. I recently heard about this more “adult” version, Cards Against Humanity, and am dying to buy it and try it! Have you played? What do you think?! Is it really that much more inappropriate and offensive?!

I keep going back and forth on whether or not I should take the plunge and buy an ice cream maker..part of me says no, because omg that could be so dangerous for my waistline, but then I see ice cream recipes like this one and this one, oh and this one, and I think, why the heck not?!

Have you tried Trader Joe’s White Cheddar Corn Puffs? I picked them up as a snack for my son because there are no kernels in them. They’re like smart food meets Cheetos. Also, I can’t.stop,eating.it.

Have you seen this After Ever After video?! HILARIOUS! Listen to the whole thing..the kid is funny & so talented!

In case you haven’t heard yet..Google Reader is shutting down this Summer, July 1st to be exact. I’m a big fan of Bloglovin’..that’s actually what I’ve been using since the beginning! So here is a great tutorial for you to switch it all over, and you can follow me there!! Their mobile app is awesome too!

Oh and this basically sums up my inner monologue the last few weeks…”lose the baby weight..eat the fabulous food…lose the baby weight…eat the….” well, you get the point.

e12b71d4b1f207d8144f5bcecb05ca87Happy Hour was fun…whats been on your mind?! Oh oh! And I’m hunting for a new juicer..mine jumps across the counter and smells like burnt rubber..do you all have any recommendations on one that you love!?! Thank ya, thank ya! 🙂

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