Happy Hour!

Happy Hour! Hiyah! How was your Thanksgiving weekend? Ours was wonderful, relaxing and indulgent! W got and decorated our tree and the rest of our home. This was the first year that we didn’t go to a tree farm and cut our own down..feels a little funny to break tradition sometimes. Then again, living cross country from everyone means that all our traditions are changing. But its alright, we’re making new ones together as a family. Not near as much chaos without all our family and friends around, but it’s just as wonderful in a more laid back way!

oh, so I know we’re waaaayyy behind on the times, but my husband and I recently started watching Sons of Anarchy, from the very first episode, and we are hooked! For years, people have been telling me that we’d love it, but I was like, uhh a biker gang? I think not. Clearly I wasn’t in my right mind, because we are undoubtedly addicted. And Jax… giant crush. like, GIANT. Now the only problem is trying not to plow through it at such a fast speed, because I want it to last and I know they’re on the last season now…wahh.

Have you seen the Pitch Perfect 2 trailer? My husband got out of bed and came downstairs one night that I was up really late, just to show it to me. I’m ecstatic. The only other movie Ive watched more often than Pitch Perfect is Dirty Dancing, and that’s because I watched that one every Saturday morning for about eight years, not to mention the bazilion times I’ve caught it on tv. PP is catching up though, I watch it constantly and never tire of it. Can’t even wait for the second one.

I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but I’m kind of seriously loving Nick Jonas new song, Jealous. I find myself cranking it in the car when it comes on. I knoooow, but it’s hot. Is that weird to say? Also loving this Nick Jonas song too…

I’m also going completely nuts over t. swifts blank space video. So much passion!

While we’re talking about music…I’ve had the Sam Hunt Pandora station on constantly for the last month. & I love it. His voice is so deep & gravelly…it’s gorgeous.

Have you started or finished your Christmas shopping? I’ve been going at it slowly, picking up something here and there when I’m out. I still have lots to do, especially for my husband. His birthday is one week after Christmas, he’s a New Year’s baby, so it’s double the shopping for him, and as sad as this sounds, he’s my least favorite person to shop for…I know, that’s awful! But I’ve always found men really hard to buy for! What is your favorite gift to receive or give to a guy?!

I actually got Christmas cards out this year, not only did them, but actually got them mailed out in the beginning of December instead of the end. #winning!

I’ve been lusting after this Emily Ley Simplified Planner for about four months. I kept going back and forth between this one and the Whitney English one, but after reading a bazillion reviews, ultimately loved the Emily Ley one more. Anyways, my husband bought it for me for Christmas, and by that I mean, I ordered it and handed it to him to wrap up for me..I’ve been known to do that in years past too. So it came in the mail, & its beautiful and I love it so freakin’ much. I’m a total pen and paper girl, there aren’t notepads on my phone, I don’t use the calendar..I love it all written in front of me so I can cross things off. I am so excited for the ultimate organization in the new year!

I’ve been drinking eggnog every single day since the weekend before Thanksgiving. I can only drink one or two at a time, because it’s so heavy, but I love it. This is how I make it, roughly, (excuse the old awful photos) but I’m addicted. I look forward to it every year. Sometimes I splash my coffee with it in the mornings, but mostly I just pick up an eggnog latte at Starbucks a few times a week. I’m definitely on the side that loves some nog’, and on that note..I think it’s time for one! 😉

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