Favorite Amazon Finds!

I don’t know a soul whose ride or die isn’t Amazon! I mean, is there anything better than free two day shipping for almost any item you could possibly dream up? Ha. I think not!

Living in Italy, I don’t get that beloved 2-day shipping, although the sacrifice is worth it. (But I will be THRILLED to get it again when we move back to the states!) Anyways, because we live here, there are a bunch of items that we miss so much, so I feel like Ive used Amazon to its fullest since Ive moved here. Food? check. Clothes? check. Shoes? check. Home Decor? Check. Things-to-make-my-life-easier? Check check.

I thought it would be fun to share a few of the things Ive ordered in the last couple of months. Im not including every tiny thing, or food ha but definitely all the things that have stood out to me the most, as well as a couple long time favorites that we’ve restocked!

All items in the widget below are clickable, and theres a quick snippet about each one below as well, so go to town! & pleaaase tell me your amazon favs in the comments below! xo

Echo Show aka Alexa aka my Right Hand Woman: I wasn’t going to include this because I truly thought everyone had one, like it comes standard in a house now! ha but apparently thats not the case, so I need to share because I LOVE HER. I cant even get into all that she does because thats an entire post on its own and honestly I still have more learning to do, but she is so amazing. Remember that movie on Disney from a million years ago called ‘Smart House’? Yeah thats her, she does allllll things. “Alexa turn on the living room” “Alexa, I need a recipe for biscuits” “Alexa, play 70s rock” “Alexa, add garlic to my grocery list” I recently learned you can create a ‘Routine’, so say “Alexa, Im home”, shell turn on lights, launch your tv, tell you recent news headlines or the weather, raise smart shades and change the thermostat if you have all that set up. She can literally turn your home into a Smart House, its amazing. HA I could go on forever, just go ahead and get yourself one and learn how she can do it alll!

Wireless Ear Buds: I can’t justify AirPods, but love having wireless headphones. My husband got me these for Christmas and they are stellar! I used them in Rome for audio guides, on the train, plane to London, I work out in them-both running and bbg, & they never fall out. SUCH a good dupe if you don’t want to pay through the nose either!

Portable Battery Pack: The amount of these that we have is laughable. We have both the big ones for travel, and a couple of the small ones to carry around daily. I keep one in my purse and we use them around the house. I don’t even know what we would do without them. They charge so many electronics on just one charge.

Meat Masher: I never needed this before, but since moving here, our beef is packed so tightly and its always such a process to break it all up. I saw this on someones stories a while back and its changed my dinner time so much. Silly but so helpful!

Mini Diffuser: We have another, that I shared above as well, that we love in our living room, so I got this mini one for our bedroom. I love the all white, ceramic diffusers, its like a piece of decor.

Workout Tanks: Love the style, loose enough they don’t stick to you but also trendy.

Evil Eye Necklace: I don’t wear a ton of necklaces, I think its just a habit that carried over from when my kids were babies and yanked on them ha but sometimes I want one to throw on and the one is so fun and really pretty.

Torani Syrup: I just ordered two flavors and the pumps because I use like a teaspoon of this in my coffee and its so pricy here, plus I wanted more variety in my flavors so I can make more lattes!

Fluffy Slippers: I live in these every second that Im home. So soft and so warm!

Ceramic Diffuser: A little more pricy for a diffuser, but its such amazing quality. I love the way this looks in our living room too.

Self Tanning Mit: This is the best self tanning mit Ive ever used. It spreads the tanner so evenly, and its such great quality. It doesn’t rip like some of the cheap-o ones, even though this is such a great price too!

Luggage: I have the carryon size of this, and I just love it. Black with gold studs. Never has a suitcase fit me more. HA! Such a good one.

Makeup Eraser: HOLY GRAIL. If you don’t use one of these already to remove you’re makeup, I promise you’re missing out. These are amazing for removing makeup without any additional product or having to scrub at your face. I use one side to take it all off, then apply a cleanser, and use the otherwise to wipe it clean before splashing with a little water. These are INCREDIBLE.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle: I love this baby as much as my hydroflask, maybe more! It fits in my cup holder, keeps my water sooo cold, and holds a good amount. I don’t use water glasses around my house, I use these!

Phone Stand: Such a silly little thing, but convenient! I use it when I workout to prop up my phone, and also when Im making dinner for ease to glance at the recipe. So helpful!

Bell Sleeve Top: Comes in a bunch of colors and patterns, and is so pretty! Cant wait to wear this in the spring!

No show socks: Ive had these forever and just ordered more because they are THE BEST. They stay in place and don’t slide down at all which is literally everything. I wear them with pretty much every type of shoe I have.

Rug Grip: This is so random, but seriously so helpful. We had a runner in our kitchen that was sliding all over and these were the most amazing solution. They keep the rug in place perfectly, SO good.

Lip Mask: I put this on every single night as Im crawling into bed, and I haven’t had dry lips alll winter. Thats a win in my book. It smells so yummy, feels so smooth on your lips, and is so hydrating.

Glowy Lip Balm: I keep one of these in my car, and use it so much. It stays on your lips, but isn’t sticky, and its very moisturizing. Love this stuff.

Cocktail Straws: How annoying is it when you’re drink a cocktail out of a short glass but have a 2 foot long straw? ha seriously though, these are short and perfect for cocktail glasses.

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