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Sooo I’m generally a meal planner. It takes a little time, but to me its worth it. It takes the guess work out of dinner, there’s generally no wasted food or ingredients at the end of the week, it saves us money at the grocery store, I love it. But in the summer, (& especially because Im pregnant), meal planning went right out the window. Now it’s all about, what is quickest, easiest, and sounds good that night. Which means, many if not most of our dinners were decided last minute this summer. Which can be fun too ๐Ÿ™‚

I figured I would share with you our favorite easy and quick summer meals that we’ve been loving. Most of these Ive made numerous times, most of them are perfect for last minute, though I think there are a couple that may require a little bit of marinating time, but thats okay..thats what makes grilled food even tastier! Hope you find some fun and new ideas for the tail end of summer! ๐Ÿ™‚


bbq chicken and pineapple lettuce wraps..these were quick, easy, soo flavorful, and the sauce just makes them! they were a winner all around!


hot pepper and mango chicken tacos…a quick and easy throw together taco, that is so yum! we’ve had these at least three times this summer already! one of my favorite last minute meals when I haven’t planned anything.


indian style chicken satay with curried cashew sauce…uhh I cant even tell you how many times Ive made these! (with the homemade naan!) they’re heaven…she made them with beef, but i always use chicken, my kids do better with chicken than beef and they love this meal. My husband gets excited and talks about it all day when he knows thats whats for dinner, its fantastic..do not skip the sauce, its mouthwatering, I could eat it with a spoon…SO GOOD.


mediterranean boneless pork chops..Ive made this one a couple times too. Its so quick and easy..I usually grill the pork and add extra lemon zest to the veggies! so yum and fresh!


fajita chicken kebabs…I’ve made these quite a few times, and one of my favorites to make when we’re having guests! They’re easy, and have SO much flavor to them, which we all love!


smoked sweet and spicy pizza…we grill our pizzas all summer, and this one is a quick and easy fav with lots of flavor!


grilled pork tenderloin with peanut lime sauce…so so good! I had never grilled a whole tenderloin before, but it was so easy, and so flavorful!


barbecue dry rubbed chicken…this was delish! I actually made this with boneless pork chops since that is what I already had thawed out, and I topped ours with a mango-pepper salsa! It was fantastic! We all loved it, even the kids went back for seconds!


hot and sweet turkey burger with whipped blue cheese…an excellent burger with lots of tasty components that come together perfectly! We love this when we’re taking a break from red meat! ๐Ÿ˜‰


hoisin lime pork lettuce wraps with mango-cucumber salsa..a favorite for sure! I love all the fruit salsas in the summer!

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