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// starting with speaking of coffee..we recently bought a keurig vue, and while I absolutely love how quick I get my cup of coffee in the morning, and love that we’re not dumping out half a pot everyday, ie; wasting!, it is haaard to find those little pods. They’re so limited compared to the k-cups. Im contemplating selling it and just buying a regular ol’ keurig, buuuut my husband is an iced coffee only drinker, even in the winter, so he’s loving the iced coffee pods, and the 16 ounce size cups…so maybe its worth hanging on to. oh! & I can’t wait until the pumpkin spice pods are being sold again!


//I’m ready for fall…so sue me. We’ve had an abnormally hot, hot and sticky summer, and I am over it. It probably has something to do with this giant beach ball under my shirt, but either way, give me boots, sweaters, and PSL’s.

11348100_1256913657783001_1829644907_n clearly this still needed to be decorated when the photo was taken! *sneak peak!*

// We’re working on the nursery, and we’re pretty much almost finished…just a few more things to go up on the walls, and a few more necessities need to be purchased. oh, and we have to reupholster the glider. So after our second son was born, we moved cross country and pretty much just gave everything away, so we’ve had to kind of re-buy everything. I was not about to drop $400 plus dollars on a glider that I’d use for maybe a year and then probably be selling again, I just could not justify it for a second. However, I did want a big cushy one, and not the cheaper wooden versions. So I scoured used ones, and what do you know, I find a perfectly working glider, big and soft and cozy and in perfect condition…for $25!! Score! The catch? It was lime green. So we ordered fabric and we’re going to spend approximately 12 hours this weekend pricking ourselves with needles and staple guns while attempting to reupholster this bad boy…wish us luck.

// I’ve mentioned that my nesting is in full force, so this pregnancy we’ve redone our living room, though the stuff to go up on the walls is still a work in progress, it always is, I can never decide. we’ve also begun to redo the boys’ room. Another task that I just can’t make decisions on. One of my kids is really into planes, trains, tractors and all that, while the other is pretty obsessed with sports…hard to combine the two. I wish I was an interior decorator…pinterest makes me swoon! There is so much wall space in their room, (those darn walls again) that I’m having trouble filling it without making it look cluttered, you know?

// Have you heard of OfferUp? Do you use it? Have it in your area? I’m obsessed. It’s basically craigslist, but in an app form on your phone or ipad. It’s genius. It finds the deals close to you based on your location, you talk to the buyer right through the app, no emails or crap exchanged, it’s instant and quick! I can’t even tell you how many things Ive bought off there the last couple months. The glider I mentioned above? OfferUp! So many baby and kids items. Tables, dressers, chairs….reupholstering, up-cycling, diy’ing, its become a really fun hobby for my husband and I on the weekends. The app is addicting!

// Have you shopped the Nordstrom Sale? It’s pretty amazing this year. I’ve made three separate orders…. I wish I could shop the clothes better, there are some killer jeans on sale, but it’s really hard to know what size Ill be this winter after this babe is here. But I’m loving so many of the pieces, and the shoes!


// It rained here for the first time yesterday in like 57 days, and it was glorious. Never thought I’d say that living in the PNW, but even my kids were over the moon. Now the foreseeable forecast is hot, 90, and sunny…I really shouldn’t complain about that…SO Im embracing it and about to spend the next week in the pool, at the lake, or running through the splash pad with my kids!

Happy Monday Friends!

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