Banana Cake with Brown Butter Frosting

Banana Cake with Brown Butter Frosting

I finally got a chance to watch Twilight:Breaking Dawn Part 2 this weekend..let me just say, I’m a little sad that the saga is over. As bad as the movies were getting, it’s like the end of an era, I definitely felt somber at the end when they were running through everyone in all the movies.
Moving on. The acting was SO BAD. Seriously, within the first ten minutes we probably said it about 5 made the movie cheesier than it already was! Haha Then there was the terrible was godawful..nothing in the entire movie looked even close to real..the computer animation was so bad..I’m not a movie critic, obviously, but c’mon..with technology these days, they could have done way better than that, way better at least trying to make it look real. And finally, the “alternate ending”. I finally understand why everyone gasped in the theater..*spoiler alert* I did too when I saw Carlisles head in Arros hand..and the rest of the fight scene threw me for a loop, but I was diggin’ it..finally some action, but then it was FAKE!! So really there was no alternate ending at all.. I don’t know, I was pretty let down by the whole Breaking Dawn Part I & II, sadly they weren’t as good as I was hoping they’d be..ahh well, it’s all over now.

Banana Cake with Brown Butter Frosting So Banana Cake right? Let’s talk about how incredibly fabulous this cake is..because it totally is. Perfectly sweetened, light and delicious, and the frosting,’oh my, the brown butter frosting is to die for! There’s not a whole lot wrong with this incredible cake, other than the fact that it won’t help my hips shrink..seriously though, it’s a GREAT alternate to banana bread for when those bananas start turning brown. This recipe makes A LOT, Unless you’re cooking for a crowd, I’d recommend cutting the recipe in half. (I ended up delivering a bunch if it to my parents house.)
Banana Cake with Brown Butter Frosting

You can find the full recipe from The Girl Who Ate Everything..the only thing I did different than her was use non-fat plain Greek yogurt in place of the sour cream. Either way, make this cake! 🙂

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