A Girls Weekend in Prague

Last Fall, as in 2019 Fall, ha, a girlfriend and I were headed to Prague for a Lumineers concert, and decided to make a weekend out of it! It was so much fun, and Prague was so much more than I imagined. We went in November, so it was pretty chilly, but it didn’t slow us down for a second. Prague has its own kind of magic feel to it, and I loved every single second spent in that city.

I love exploring cities, and I always feel like they each have their own feeling. I love the energy and vibe they give, and Prague was no different. It was such a cool place and I truly hope I get to take my husband back someday, because I know he would just absolutely love it!

We flew in on a Friday morning and were ready to hit the ground running. We hired a private car to take us into Old Town. We stayed right in the center of everything, which I always encourage when traveling. We stayed at Mozart Historic Apartments, which was so great. Big, clean, spacious, and centrally located. Its always worth an extra few pennies to be so conveniently located to everything, that you can just walk outside and be IN it all!

We checked, made a cocktail while we settled in, and then headed around the corner to an Irish Pub! When you’ve been in Italy awhile, you really crave and appreciate the variety of food that other places offer! We went to McCarthys for lunch and it was so good, and the atmosphere was so fun! There was a bachelor party at the table next to us, so that probably amped up the vibe bit too! 😉 The food was SO good too!

From there we just walked, shopped, and explored all over. There were tons of food vendors that are always worth a stop. We headed towards Prague Astronomical Clock, which is really cool. Admittedly, I was underwhelmed by the clock striking, but the medieval facade of it was very cool. There was a vendor underneath, serving up Vin Brûlée, which was very welcomed considering how cold it was!

That night we hit up a couple bars. We started at Sad Mans Tongue, which is just as fun as you would suspect! The uniforms, the atmosphere, good drinks, it was for sure a fun and wild stop. From there we walked over to Popo Caffe Club, and hung out for a bit. Later on our way back, we stopped for Chinese takeout, but I won’t even tell you from where, it was AWFUL.

The next morning, we went to Cafe Louvre for brunch, which I highly recommend. It was delicious, and SO good to get to be able to go out for breakfast again! The Cafe is 100 years old, and so beautiful inside. Definitely worth the wait!

By this point it was afternoon, and we couldn’t go to Prague without finding a bar serving Absinthe. I mean, this was a kid-free trip haha We ended up parking our butts on a stool at Absintherie, and wow, what a really cool spot. They had some awesome drinks, and the whole place was a vibe. I would definitely pop back in there again!

Before we headed to Prague, we had made appointments to get a tattoo. I got one when I was 18 and it was memorable but has no meaning. And Ive wanted another ever since, so this seemed like a really fun way to do it! We got them done at One Love Tattoo. They were really awesome. I was pretty neurotic about how thin I wanted the line, single needle only, and they were really clean, accommodating, and so fast. Loved the entire experience.

For dinner that night we walked down to Lemon Leaf. It is a Thai restaurant, and hands down, our best meal the entire weekend. Everything we ordered was absolute heaven. Again, having a variety of cuisines for the weekend was a treat in itself, and the Pad Thai was the best Ive ever had. SO GOOD.

We bar hopped around some REALLY cool places after dinner. Our first top was Anonymous Bar, which as the name suggests, is a hidden spot. Kind of like a speak easy! Its not a place you could walk by and go into, you definitely have to know you’re looking for it, and keep your eyes open, but it was for sure our favorite bar stop all weekend. The entire place was blacked out, the bartenders wore masks, the drink menu could only be seen with a black light, or the bartenders made you what they wanted. It was such a cool place, and we sat our butts there for quite awhile. It was SO fun! When we left, the line was around the corner, so definitely get there a little earlier!

We popped over to Jazz Republic Bar for a drink afterwards. This place was fun if you love Jazz. Cool vibe, live music, and good wine. Fun stop!

We ended our night at Black Angels Bar, which is another really awesome spot with great bartenders, a cool atmosphere, and delicious cocktails. It felt old fashioned and silky smooth. A really cool spot with a lot of layers.

When you walk out of Black Angel, you’re right in front of the Astronomical Clock, and if you look to the right, specifically at night, you will see the most beautiful, gothic church, all lit up. WOW. It looks like a castle in the sky, especially on a slightly foggy, dark night. It’s one of the most beautiful spots. Even on our last night in Prague, I walked back here solo for one last look. I loved it.

By the time we headed home, it was late, we were starving, and Kebabs smelled amazing. & boy were they. We stopped at Big Bite Prague, got kebabs to go, and they were incredible. wow wow so good.

The next morning, we headed around the corner to the Jewel Bistro for breakfast and Bloody Marys, much needed, ha. We spent too much time here, because we ended up going from bloodies, to mimosas.

When we left we walked over and across the Charles Bridge towards Prague Castle. It links Pragues Old and New Towns and It was really cool, with city views and amazing street performers along the way. When we got over the bridge, we went and saw the Lennon Wall, which was neat. It changes often, but is always covered in graffiti symbolizing freedom of speech by Czech youth. I loved it.

We found a Starbucks and had to pop in, naturally. Then walked up to Prague Castle from there. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to spend as much time there as I would have liked. We had to head back and get ready for the Lumineers concert, but it was still really cool to see.

For dinner before the concert, we went to Las Adelitas for Mexican and margaritas, and it was SO good. I got Carnitas, and they were heavenly. The margs were pretty great too! When we left, we grabbed a cab to go see The Lumineers. It was such a fun concert!

When we go back to Old Town it was close to midnight, but we were walking by a bar with some seriously good live music going on, so we popped in for a drink and ended up hanging out for a couple hours. The music at Caffreys was SO fun. Ive missed live music so much since living in Italy.

The next morning we had to check out, but our flight wasn’t until the evening. So we dropped our luggage and hit up one more Irish Pub at lunch, for some fish and chips before leaving. We went to The Irish Times Bar and I definitely recommend it! It was so good, and I loved the atmosphere. It was freezing, but we sat outside, tented in, with space heaters, blankets and it just felt so cozy!

After that, my friend went and got a massage, and I did some souvenir shopping for my boys and found some really cool hand carved wooden swords with the Prague crest! We actually still have them now! I stopped into a restaurant for beer and to warm up, then headed around the corner to TRDLO. Because there was no way I was leaving Prague without trying a Tredelnik! It is a type of rolled dough, wrapped around a stick, grilled, then topped with cinnamon sugar. It is filled with a variety of different things, I got the one with vanilla soft serve, and oh gosh it was heavenly. The combination of the warm sugary dough, with the cold ice cream, SO GOOD. (& Im not even a sweets person!)

I ended my day back at Caffreys Irish Pub to warm up with some hot chowder and a good book. I ended up meeting a couple from Maine, where Im originally from, who were doing a few month tour de Europe! It was really cool, and one of the reasons I think solo travel can be so rewarding. Although I traveled with a friend, I spent the entire last day solo, and its always such a unique experience to do things without worrying about someone else’s agenda. Plus you’re always bound to meet or talk to some really interesting people.

We flew home that night 5 pounds heavier, with another tattoo, and a lot of extra Prague magic soaking in. It was such a great weekend, and Im so so happy I got to see Prague. It had never been high on my list, but ended up being one of my favorite experiences!

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