A day in Newport, RI with Kids!

A day in Newport, RI with Kids!

Hey there! If you follow me on Instagram (which I hope you do, because its my favorite!) then you know that we flew to the east coast in early August to visit our family and friends and attend a wedding. We haven’t been back in a couple years, so we stayed for a month and did lots of sightseeing and visiting while there!

One of my favorite places growing up was Newport, RI. My parents used to take us every summer again and again! I love everything about that place, from the cliff walk, the 10 mile drive, the beaches, the kite festival, oh the newport style calamari…I could go on and on! I knew it was a place I wanted to take the boys when we came back, and I loved having them in a place that was a favorite of mine as a kid! And they LOVED it!

We only spent a day in Newport, and it wasn’t nearly enough! But I’m just glad we made it at all! Anyways, I wanted to share some things to do in a day trip there, especially with kids. I know how difficult it can be venturing out to try new things, unsure about them being kid friendly, so hopefully this little resource helps you if you’re looking to head to Newport!

To Do!

Eastons Beach..this is the same beach I went to as a kid and we all loved it! This beach is great for families. It has bathrooms and indoor/outdoor showers (which is huge), a snack bar to purchase food and drink, a carousel (so fun!), an aquarium, a Del’s Frozen Lemonade truck (which guys, if you’ve never had a Del’s Lemonade, you HAVE to do it! It’s a Rhode Island Staple, and practically a sin to leave without having at least one!)

A day in Newport, RI with Kids! A day in Newport, RI with Kids!

A day in Newport, RI with Kids!

10 Mile DriveSo you’re leaving the beach, and the kids need a little nap! The 10 mile drive is gorgeous and definitely worth doing if you have the time. Brenton Point State Park is worth stopping at for some picturesque photos for sure!

Cliff Walk…maybe one of the most popular and famous attractions to see when visiting Newport. Some areas are not stroller accessible though, so do keep that in mind. But its so gorgeous, and checking out those mansions is way cool!

A day in Newport, RI with Kids!

Thames Streetif you want to do a little shopping or pick up some souveniers! It’s the center of downtown newport and loaded with restaurants, ice cream shoppes, and stores. It was so fun to walk down and pop in and out of the little boutiques!

To Eat!

O’Briens Pubthis place is really great for families! It has a giant outdoor patio, with a big fountain in the middle filled with plastic fish, toys, and play fishing poles that the kids can play with! It kept them busy the whole time we waited for our food, and even after you eat, if you want to enjoy a drink or two! (You can bring your dogs here too if you’ve brought them along!)

A day in Newport, RI with Kids! A day in Newport, RI with Kids!

Brick AlleySo we never made it into this one sadly. (seriously I was so bummed!) this pub is award winning and voted ‘best restaurant’ in newport. The menu looks insane, (that newport style calamari! spicy margaritas!) But it is kid friendly. There can be a wait sometimes, so its worth calling ahead.

Newport Creamery this one is a little further off the beaten path, but their ice cream and frappes are amazing! Its still walking distance from Thames street, just a few blocks up! If you have no desire to walk away from the downtown, there are plenty of little ice cream shoppes right in the midst of it all! A day in Newport, RI with Kids! preset


Del’s Lemonadea staple. (as mentioned above!) you physically cannot leave newport without finding some dels frozen lemonade. its the best, best, best’.

A day in Newport, RI with Kids! A day in Newport, RI with Kids! A day in Newport, RI with Kids!

There is plenty to do with kids in Newport, it’s definitely a family friendly beach town! When we go back when my kids are little older, I definitely want to tour a mansion or two, and hopefully stay for longer than a day! let me know if you have any questions, and Ill do my best to help! 🙂

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