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Blueberry Ricotta Waffles

Pillowy Ricotta and Blueberry Waffles, almost cake-like with a citrus zing! Drizzle with syrup for an easy and tasty breakfast! Hi July 1st. You got here rather quickly. Let’s slow down shall we? I’m not quite ready for labor day and all things pumpkin quite yet. Pump those breaks. Are you loving every single aspect…

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Chocolate Coconut and Strawberry Waffles

Double Dark Chocolate Coconut Waffles, topped with Strawberries and Syrup! Mouthwatering dessert for breakfast! Do you get all into Easter? (I can’t believe we’re already talking about that…this year is flyiiiing.) I usually don’t get into any holidays, other than Christmas and my kids’ birthdays. but this year, my kids are old enough to completely…

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Apple Pie Waffles with a Cider Syrup

Perfectly Spiced Waffles topped with Caramelized Apples and an Apple Cider-Maple Syrup! These waffles will make you want to wake up just for breakfast! I’ve been pretty MIA since last Thursday. Since then, I’ve packed up myself and my kids and flew down to Missouri, to finally join my husband. It’s been an adjustment for…

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Cinnamon Chip Oat Waffles

Fluffy waffles, filled with old fashioned oats and Cinnamon Chips are a heavenly way to start your day! Fall is just around the corner…do you know what that means?! YES…Football is cominnngggg!!! We’re pretty stoked over here. My husbands already been planning his weeks around the pre-season games! A tad crazy, I agree…but I don’t…

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Cheddar Cornmeal Waffles with Eggs

My son turned two yesterday! Oh my goodness, he is so big! We had a wonderful weekend relaxing on Saturday and prepping for my littler mans birthday party! On Sunday we had a super fun and delicious Mickey Mouse themed party! It was gorgeous, perfect weather, most everyone that is close to my son was…

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Cookie Butter Waffles

Summer is officially here! (Well in my book!) The “official” start may not be for a few more weeks, but to me, Memorial Day Weekend is the beginning of Summer! Lets hope with it, it brings good weather! I am so excited about my last Maine is the absolute best part of living on…

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Whole Wheat Blueberry-Lemon Waffles with Blueberry Maple Syrup

I’m having a completely clueless moment of what to talk about today. All that is on my mind is the NFL Draft because my hubs talked about it for days and watched it allll night last I love football Sundays, I look forward to them every Fall, mostly because all the food is AWESOME,…

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