5 Favorite Home Workouts for Busy Moms!

You’re a busy woman and you’re trying to squeeze in those workouts! I’m sharing five of my favorite home workouts that are all under 30 minutes & effective!

5 Favorite Home Workouts for Busy Moms! 5 Favorite Home Workouts for Busy Moms!


If you’re a mom (& chances are if you’re reading this, you probably are), then you totally get how difficult it can be to workout with little ones around. We make a thousand excuses for it, and they’re easy to come by, and we can completely justify skipping workouts. Even home workouts. But we shouldn’t! For so very many reasons, other than the fact that it keeps you healthy, feeling good about yourself, and increases your energy, it will SAVE YOUR SANITY.

It can be real hard being home with little ones all day and not having adult interaction, it totally takes a tole on you, I get it, I’m there, but when I start my days with a good sweat sesh, I am a 1000 times better mom. I’m less stressed, more easy going, relaxed, feeling good, and most importantly; HAPPIER. And these are just small reasons as to why you should stop making excuses and make these home workouts happen!

Sometimes I get up early enough to make it to the gym before my husband has to be at work, and I love running, so I try hard to do that a few times a week, but there are more days than not that I don’t get that opportunity, so it happens in my living room with my kids hangi

ng around. Sometimes I use it to my advantage..do a plank with your child laying on your back-woah. or bridges with your little one sitting on you-tone that booty girl. Other times it can take me 45 minutes to get through a 25 minute workout, but in the end its worth it, and I’m so happy that I pushed through and made it happen.

Minimal equipment is needed with any of these home workouts. I keep a set of weights, a stability ball, and resistance bands on hand for workouts, but if I was to choose just one, it would be the weights, I use those pretty much every day. I also throw on Pandora. “Pop Fitness Radio” is currently my favorite station to workout too!

So no more excuses, if you have to wake up before the kids do, use nap time to your advantage, or just get them to join you, make it happen, because you’re going to feel SO much better when its done! I shared a few of my favorite home workouts below, you got this! Power through momma!

P.S. You’ll notice a few of these are from Tone It Up, and that’s because I’m a TIU girl all the way. I have had unbelievable success with them in just a year, and maybe someday Ill be ballsy enough to show you the before and after. They changed everything for me. But regardless, they’re workouts are incredible and the girls are really motivating.

5 Favorite Home Workouts for Busy Moms!


This is a favorite! It’s only 20 minutes, works your entire body, and you work up such a good sweat. So efficient and a definite ass kicker!

30 Day Shred

I used this one to lose all my baby weight after my second son, and I loved it. She breaks it up into 3 circuts, and each circuit includes cardio, toning, and abs, I love it. It’s almost like hiit how your heart rate is going up and down, and it definitely produces results!

12 Minutes to Slay

I mean, just 12 minutes to get your heart rate up and break a little sweat? You can do that. Throw the babe in the high chair with a snack and you’ve got 12 minutes to get er’ done!


love love love! Shaun T is fabulous and his workouts are equally amazing. I love quick workouts, and these are gooood. He seriously works every angle and the cardio ones are nonstop, you work up such a sweat, and you feel like you reallly got in a good workout at the end. Plus hes super motivating the entire time!

Total Body Workout

Sometimes you just don’t want to follow along to a video, and I love this one for that. Its a great workout, I love all the moves, and you can do it at your own speed. Its awesome & efficient!

Go for a Run(or walk)!

I know its a tough time of year to get out there, but gosh the fresh air feels hella good sometimes. On a day when the sun is shining down, bundle up the kids, throw them in a stroller and go walk or jog, or whatever you’re in the mood for. Not only are you moving, but the fresh air will do wonders for a bad mood too. Running is my favorite form of exercise..Ive been doing it since right after I had my second son, and I love it. The C25K app is perfect if you’re just starting out. I used it a couple times and its always brought me success! p.s. I use THIS double jogger with my kids. & bonus..you’re working those arms so good pushing a stroller! 😉






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