3 Years Old Today!!!


Umm hi. I have a three year old. Yep. Officially three years old today. I literally don’t have a clue where the last three years went, because I’m pretty sure that I was walking around the hospital halls at 10cm dilated with no baby in sight, just yesterday. Yah, it was the nuttiest birth story, they still talk to me about it!

I can hardly believe that that little baby who came out at 10lbs 6oz, with a FULL head of black hair, turned red, and is 3 years old today, and blond as can be. That that same boy who used to nap for 2-3 hours a day, does no such thing anymore. That we now have FULL ON conversations that blow me away. The things that kid comes up with…I don’t know where he gets it, but pretty soon he’s going to be teaching us.

Actually, some days he already does. He corrects us on everrrrything. There’s no pulling anything over on this one, he’s smart as a whip. I thought I’d have a few more years of tricking, but it is long gone. The vocabulary on this kid is incredible, and he remembers everything about everything.

He is the kindest, most caring, sweetest, thoughtful, sensitive, smart, funny as hell, little boy. When I’m tired, he tucks a blanket around me, kisses my nose and forehead then sings me a song to go to sleep. He memorizes all the books we read and “reads” them to me. He sings songs all day long..current favorite “Cruise” Florida-Georgia Line. Much to my husbands dismay! 😉 The sweetness is endless. He kisses his brothers boo boos, hugs him, kisses him and says prayers to him at night. He’s the biggest cuddler, and it’s one of my most favorite things.

I love this boy with my whole heart. He made me a Momma, and forever changed my life. I owe him more than he’ll ever know, and I’ll forever love him endlessly. His caring will never go unnoticed or under-appreciated. I wish I could slow down time and keep these boys little forever, but at the same time, it is more and more fun every day watching them grow, learn, and develop.

This kid cracks me up on a daily basis. I get two hours to spend with just him every single day while my youngest naps. And we truly appreciate the time. Sometimes we read the entire time, or color, bake, play cars…but lately we’ve been spending our days outside, learning to swim, running through sprinklers, digging in the sandbox, building castles, throwing the “squirmy wormies”, and consuming more Popsicle’s and watermelon than we can handle.

I love that he is his own person. You start to learn their personalities pretty quickly after they’re born, but the older he gets, the more it shines through, and it is fantastic. He is such a blast and I will bawl my eyes out the day he leaves me for Kindergarten. Bawl. I don’t even want to think about it. Let’s not.

I have two more years with my little sidekick being around 24/7 and I will cherish every minute that I can get with this handsome stud!

To my little buddy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet boy! I love you to the moon and back and beyond forever and ever and always! xoxoxo

This post wasn’t supposed to be like this. I actually had a recipe to share with you all, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. Today is ALL about my little man, and it only makes sense that I have a little ode to him on here 🙂 (This is still my blog afterall…) So now I will bombard you with a bajillion of photos of my crazy, excited, loving, caring, and amazing little boy! Prepare yo’self.

P.S. Don’t tell my husband I posted some of these…to this day, he gives me grief about not cutting my sons hair! I just couldn’t!

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