19 weeks! Boy or Girl?


I’m 19 weeks today! I can’t believe I’m just about halfway there already! To be honest, I kind of forget I’m pregnant half the time, since I spend all my time running around with two wild boys! When am I not forgetting? Most of the clothes in my closet just don’t fit or aren’t flattering anymore, and my appetite is beyond bizarre. But the rest of the time, there is no time to ‘baby’ this baby, so to speak. my boys are crazy, and I am their jungle gym! 😉

But we do have names picked out! yay! With our first two, we didn’t decide until the very, very end, one even on the way to the hospital! We find out the gender next Tuesday and I can’t wait! Instead of the typical bumpdate this week, I thought it would be fun to do a little old wives tale roundup for gender prediction. We’re all pretty convinced its a boy, I hardly know a single soul that had two boys then a girl, but I know anything can happen! so here we go!

Baking Soda Test

So the theory is, you put two tablespoons of baking soda in a clear cup, then pour your urine over it. (gross, I know) If it fizzles its a boy, if its flat, its a girl. Silly, but fun to try!

Result=flat flat flat, girl!

Ring on a string

You all know this one! You hang your wedding ring on a string and hold it over the top of your belly, if it swings side to side it’s a boy, if it goes in a circle, its a girl.

Result=back and forth, boy!

Heart Rate

High heart rate, over 150 its a girl, slower and under it’s a boy supposedly. Last check up was two weeks ago. (I think this one is silly though, If I had coffee or a large iced tea before an appointment, it always changes the little bambinos heart rate.

Result=135, boy!

Mayan Tale

You take the mothers age at conception, and the year of conception, and you add them together. If it’s an even number its a girl, odd number its a boy.

Result= 26 + 2014=2040, even, girl!

Chinese Calendar

For this one, you figure out your age at conception, and the month of conception. The calendar converts it and you get your answer! Here, I used this one!

Result= girl!


The story is that a girl steals her mothers beauty. So its believed if you have an increase in acne, you’re having a girl. I however believe that its caused by hormones. I definitely got some acne this pregnancy, but I’m not sure it was anymore than I got in my last two pregnancies, and its all gone now, so I’m going with hormones on this one.


Final Results:

3 tests say it will be a girl!

2 tests say it will be a boy!

1 inconclusive!

Though this was fun, we can’t wait to actually find out for sure next week! Ill letcha know how accurate these were! 😉


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