10 Halloween Crafts for Toddlers!

10 Halloween Crafts For Toddlers!

Can you believe Halloween is just over a week away? My kids picked out their costumes in August (thank you costco for putting them out so early…..not) so I feel like we’ve been waiting forverrrr for it to arrive! They’ve talked about it every single day for the last couple of months. My boys have been waking up every morning since October began, going downstairs and counting down the days on the calendar, they are so beyond excited and it makes me so excited! They picked a costume out for their baby brother and keep asking my husband and I what we’re going to dress up as! ha!

Anyhoo, we’ve been spending this week doing some halloween crafts and baking up some halloween themed treats, they love it and I love doing it with them! I thought I would share some ideas for you to do with your kids this weekend and over the next week leading up to Halloween!


Puffy Ghosts | This was the first one we made and my kids LOVE them! They were so excited to show their dad when he got home from work, they fly them around the house, and talk about them often..they’re so obsessed with ghosts this year, its so funny!

Paper Plate Spiders

Paper Plate Spiders | We made these and they were so fun! The kids loved all the eyes!


Pumpkin Apple Stamps | This looks so cute! you can decorate the pumpkins with black paint or marker when it dries too!


Paper Plate Witch | This one just makes me laugh! My kids are really interested in cutting things out (with preschool scissors of course!), so this one is great for that, and good practice for them, because cutting around all those fingers is hard!


Glow stick Pumpkin Jars | My boys love all things glow in the dark, like most kids I’m sure! We grab glow sticks from the target dollar section frequently, and have “party in the dark” parties as my two year old loves to call them! These are such a fun one to have on your front steps on Halloween! I think I’m going to try this one with them this weekend!


Q-tip skeletons | I mean, how cute! I love this idea and my kids love skeletons..you should see how excited they get whenever I dress their baby brother in the skeleton outfit..its so funny!


Halloween Play Dough | I know a lot of parents who hate play dough, and I kind of do just because if you’re not careful, it gets everywhere and it stick to everything. But with rainy days quickly approaching, I’m all for any creative indoor activity that keeps my boys busy, and this one always works! I love the halloween themed colors here!


Halloween Stick Puppets | Just so cute! The kids can create little voices, names etc for their puppet, have little shows with each other..these are adorable!


Marshmallow Mummies | I am seriously contemplating pulling this one out today to do, but if I know my kids, they’ll eat wayyyy more marshmallows than will ever end up glued to the paper. (& they’ll probably eat those ones too! eek!) but I just love this easy, no mess, cute mummy!


Marshmallow Ghost Cupcakes | I had to throw in one food related one, because my two year old loooooooves to bake! Add in the fun ghosts, which I already mentioned they’re crazy over this year, and I’ve got a winner on this one!

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