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Wine2Go Giveaway! (10 Winners!)

Wine2Go Giveaway! (10 Winners!)

Hi, My name is Alaina, and I’m a wine-o. Except if you read the urban dictionary definition of a “wine-o” I am (mostly!) no such thing! 😉 Buuuuut I actually kind of hate that word. But I don’t hate wine, oh goodness no. I love it. And if you’ve been around here for any length of time, you probably know that already.

Aside from margaritas, wine is always my drink of choice. My wine consumption lately is probably getting a little out of control. Since we moved to the west coast, I’m discovering all new wines, and there are a loooooot of new ones. And you can bet your bottom dollar that we’re sampling them all. By the bottles. It’s been really fun!

Wine2Go Giveaway! (10 Winners!)

When I first heard about Wine2Go, I was like whaaaaaa!? Because forever and ever, we always talk about how much of a pain it can be to travel with a bottle of wine to the beach, camping, bonfires, on walks 😉 etc. But no more friends. You can finally take that ice cold bottle of crisp white wine to the beach with you, keep it in the cooler, it will stay even colder than in the bottle, take up less space, and you don’t have to worry about broken glass!

Wine2Go Giveaway! (10 Winners!)

Wine2Go has made reusable, BPA free, wine ‘bottles’ AND flasks! They roll right up when you’re not using them, and they’re such an easy clean! We’ve used them multiple times, and they’re fantastic! I mean, who doesn’t want to shove a bottle of wine in their oversized purse? Just think of the possibilities..hiking to see the sunset, movie dates, yard sale-ing, the beach,’s endless. And yes, I am definitely promoting enjoying a glass of wine while on the go, enjoying other things that you love!

The wine containers hold and entire 750mL bottle! That’s perfection right there. These would make great gifts, and will come in handy so often this Summer! My husband is pretty smitten already with the flask! 😉

Wine2Go Giveaway! (10 Winners!)

Today is your lucky day…because the super fun, and amazing people who created Wine2Go have offered to giveaway TEN Wine2Go foldable, reusable, wine bottles, to 10 separate Winners! All you have to do is use the widget below to enter! Good luck! If you’re having trouble with the widget below, follow this link. If it is still not working for you, please email me 🙂

Huge thanks to Wine2Go for sponsoring and making this giveaway happen! You rock!

Wine2Go Giveaway! (10 Winners!)

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