• Pumpkin-Spaghetti Squash Mac and Cheese Boats | Fabtastic Eats
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    Pumpkin-Spaghetti Squash Mac and Cheese Boats

    Spaghetti Squash stuffed with a creamy mix of cheeses, pumpkin, pork, and veggies-this dinner is comforting and hearty! I am probably up in the air, soaring through the clouds as you’re reading this. I’m heading back home to Maine with my kids today for the next two weeks and I am truly looking forward to it.Β  And not just for the lobster rolls! πŸ˜‰ If you had to pick your favorite food in the whole wide world, what would it be? Could you even do it? If you had asked me a couple years ago, I would have been able to give you an answer, but now, there’s just no…

  • Dark Chocolate, Pumpkin Butter, & Buterscotch Skillet Cookie | Fabtastic Eats
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    Dark Chocolate, Pumpkin Butter, & Butterscotch Skillet Cookie

    A sweet, soft, and gooey pumpkin butter, dark chocolate, and butterscotch filled skillet cookie, with crispy edges! The amount of sweets this time of year is crazy, right?! So many new recipes coming out everyday for desserts and cookies, cakes, bars, homemade candy…there’s not enough time to try everything! This is the best time of year, I love Fall and the holiday season for so many reasons, all the sweet deliciousness just being one of them! Skillet cookies are one of my favorite things to make! They’re so soft and gooey on the inside with nice crispy edges, plus they only take about 10 minutes to throw together, you don’t…

  • Apple, Pumpkin, and Spicy Sausage Lasagna | Fabtastic Eats
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    Apple, Pumpkin, and Spicy Sausage Lasagna

    An autumn inspired lasagna loaded with real apples, cider, pumpkin and so much cheesy goodness! This sweet and spicy savory dish is one for the books! I loooove pumpkin in savory recipes. I don’t see it to frequently, we’re all crazy over all the pumpkin loaded sweet treats, but when I do see it, or when I do it myself, I get so giddy! It’s a little different from the norm, and I love that. I mean, isn’t that why so many of us love to cook in the first place, to experiment, try new things, trash things up, think outside the box, and reach outside of our comfort zone.…

  • Pancetta, Kale, & Pumpkin Flatbread| Fabtastic Eats
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    Pancetta, Kale, & Pumpkin Flatbread

    Sweet and Savory, this mouthwatering Pumpkin Flatbread loaded with Pancetta, Kale, and Pine nuts, is exploding with flavors! Do you know the difference between flatbread and pizza? I really had no idea. So I jumped on the google machine..and honestly, I didn’t really learn that much. Some say it’s the shape, but I think that’s false, because I’ve been known to roll my pizzas into a rectangle. Some say it’s that flatbreads don’t use a red sauce, it’s strictly and olive oil/garlic base..I could see that, but I do that on pizza too. The dough recipes are generally the same, (except this one! but we’ll get to that!) Sooo it’s…

  • Healthy Pumpkin Bread with Cinnamon Cashew Butter | Fabtastic Eats
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    Healthy Pumpkin Bread with Cinnamon Cashew Butter

    Healthy and warm, this melt-in-your-mouth spiced pumpkin bread is lightly sweetened and total comfort smeared with cashew butter, without all the guilt! This is my favorite time of year for food! Everything is so warm, and cozy, spiced, and comforting. oh and the baking! SO.many.goods! Right now is when I can’t hardly keep up with everything I want to make! I am so torn every week when I’m doing my meal planning, because while of course I want to come up with and make new recipes to share, there are just SO many amazing mouthwatering foods from all around the blogosphere! I find myself making two big meals a day…

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    Warm Pumpkin Pie Milkshake (Dairy Free)

    Warm pumpkin pie in the form of a milkshake! Dairy free, low in sugar, and totally indulgent tasting! I’ve been an almond milk drinker for awhile now..a long while, I can’t even remember the last time I drank dairy milk. So when Silk approached me about the Taste Challenge, converting someone into an almond milk drinker, I hopped right on it! Last Fall, when I stayed with my mom for a month before we moved, I brought almond milk into her house..she kind of looked at me sideways, but stuck with her cream. Within the first week, I had her trying it in smoothies and lattes, and she loved how…