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I am so excited for How Sweet Eat’s Cookbook!! I have been following her blog since the very, very beginning, and I could not be more thrilled! I don’t buy very many cookbooks, because of course, there’s so much amazing content from all of my favorite bloggers online already, and not even close to enough time to try it all, but this one I am completely ecstatic about! We’ve never tried something of hers that we haven’t enjoyed! yayy!

I started T-25 this week… let me just say, I didn’t realize how out of shape I was until I started this. I’ve been running and doing Jillian Michaels for awhile, but Shaun T kicks your bootay to the floor. Seriously by the end, I am dripping and find it hard to peel myself off the ground. I love it.

Do you watch the Olympics? We usually do..this year though, we’ll be moving the day they start, so sadly we won’t get a chance.

Do you watch Revenge? It used to be one of my faaaavorite shows! But now, I’m ready to punch Emily in the face. I mean, I know she can’t run, obviously, or there wouldn’t be a show, but man oh man, this is getting pretty redic. Also, I want her with Aidennnnn. wahhh.

While we’re talking TV..Nashville. This weeks was a little slow, but did you SEE the previews for next was definitely a builder episode because the next one looks cah-razy.

Carrie and Brandy are hosting a doughnut week, where a bunch of fabulous bloggers post a new doughnut recipe each day this week. I feel like I’m in a doughnut heaven, but I can’t eat them! Go check them all out, I want to roll in ze donuts. Especially this Maple Bacon one. ohmygah.

I’m a list maker, I love making them and crossing things off. I’m totally one of those that will write something down that I just did, JUST so I can cross it off. I realize that’s a bit silly, but it is what it is. So my point, I’ve got a planner, and a notebook, and I have lists everywhere, on my phone, on little pieces of paper, in my planner, on random pages of my notebook. I need to compile it all. I need a day planner, BUT I refuse to pay an obnoxious amount of money. Ive tried the Erin Condren planner in the past, I don’t think its worth the splurge, and everyone this year seems to be all about the Whitney English planners, but again I don’t want to spend that on a planner. I could buy a pair of shoes for that amount of money. So do you have an equally awesome, but more cost efficient day planner that you would recommend? I would be forever in your debt, I seriously need to get more organized!

I wish this pizza was my lunch today. Garlicky bacon perfection. I want it so bad.

With that said, only 22 days until we leave this place.. and praying no more than 30 days until I have an oven again!! (We should do a shot for that one! 😉 )



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  • Reply Rachel Cooks

    Oh my gosh you are speaking straight to me!!!!

    – agree with you on cookbooks. I have a kazillion that I never use but I’ll def be buying Jessica’s.

    -working out. I should do that.

    -Nashville: Snoooooze. Hopefully next week will be better.

    -Planners. YES. I had an EC last year and didn’t feel it was worth the $. I backed Dani’s Blog Buddy Kickstarter this year and that comes in a few weeks (hopefully) so hopefully that will work for me this year.

    -I’ve been obsessing over that pizza ever since I saw it.

    -heck yeah shots for having an oven. WOOOHOOO!!!! 😀

    And now I’m going to email you because apparently a novel-long comment isn’t enough. Clearly.

    January 16, 2014 at 7:31 pm
    • Reply Alaina

      ha! Im always speaking to you! 😛
      Working out..hows your squat challenge going?!
      Can’t wait to hear about the new planner..Im in dire need of SOMETHING!
      Wish we could watch Nashville together, WHILE doing those shots! 😉

      January 17, 2014 at 3:46 pm
  • Reply Nicole ~ Cooking for Keeps

    Ok, so first of all. NASHVILLE WAS ON LAST NIGHT?! What?? My DVR didn’t record it! WTF. Second, I am also in desperate need of a planner right now, something business driven, but also cute. I also saw the Whitney English one on Jessica’s blog, and really didn’t want to spend that kind of money on a planner. BUT when I went to her Etsy site, you can get one of them for like $50; I guess they didn’t pass the final inspection. I bought it, so I could see if it’s worth it to shell out the $130 for next year. You should check it out! 3rd. Yay for moving! I bet you’re pumped!

    January 16, 2014 at 9:02 pm
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