Gift Ideas for Men!

In my opinion, men are the hardest to shop for. Although I hear that a lot, so I think that’s just the general consensus. What is it about men that make it so difficult? Maybe because they’re usually just to simple and want simple things? My husband always tells me I think to much about it. My husbands birthday is a week after Christmas, January 1st to be exact, he loves being a new years baby, there is always a party! But I always have to do double the amount of shopping for him before Christmas and it’s hard! Anyways, I figured Id kick off the week with a gift guide for men, because lord knows we all need it! And the sooner we get them shopped for and out of the way, the better!

Gift Ideas for Men

g-shock watch…I got my husband one of these a few years ago and its still going strong!

DW watch…a dressier option, I love this one!

homebrew kit..we had one of these, but unfortunately the movers broke it on our last move, but such a fun thing to do for your beer lover!

team jersey…my husband is a diehard pats fan, and basically anything I get him Patriots associated he LOVES. but there’s nothing like an authentic jersey!

dollar shave club…I bought this for my husband last year, and we still receive it monthly! He has to shave 7 days a week for work, so he flys through blades, this is the best price, and they work perfectly. We both love them!

the art of shaving kit…this was another Ive bought in years passed! such a nice little luxury that they probably won’t buy for themselves!

portable speaker…my husband loves listening to music when hes outside or in the garage working, this is perfect!

poker set…fun to have and perfect for guys’ poker nights!

cards against humanity…this one is really for both of you! 😉 but if you don’t have this game yet, you must get it! soooo much fun! think apples to apples for adults!

cornhole…we own a set, and it’s always a hit for summer bbq’s or any get together really!

wall mounted bottle opener…easy and fun!

smoker..if the man in your life loves to grill, Im betting he’d love this!

flannel shirts…can’t go wrong with these! maybe even throw in a new pair of cozy pajama pants!

sweater…my husband doesn’t get a lot of time to shop for himself, so I always try to get him some clothes

record player…and to go with it, throw in a few records! (or a gift card so he can pick out his own!) This was something I did for my husband last year and we both enjoy it all the time!

new balance sneakers…I love the way these look with jeans, much better than the regular old running shoes my hubs loves to wear! 😉

wallet…I am the one to always replace my husbands when he needs a new one, and Christmas always seems the perfect time!

Fitbit…my husband actually got this for me last year for my birthday, and I love it. I think it makes a great gift for the fitness enthusiast!

tool set…or any tools really. my husband asked me for a leaf blower this year…how exciting! 😉

beer cap maps..these are super cool for your beer enthusiast! You can get the whole country or your state!


bottle opener with his favorite team..pats of course! 😉

team phone cover…hes gotta represent, right?!

beanie…you can’t go wrong with hats of any kind for guys!

whiskey stones…perfect gift for whiskey lovers!

hair gel..always a good one!

scratch tickets…my husband and I love to shove a few of these in each others stocking

socks & husband asks for these every year, such a bore 😉

his favorite hubs loves symphony bars, so he always gets a few of those

the latest video game…for the men who love to decompress with a good round of shoot em’ up! 😉

gag gift!…and you always have to throw in a gag gift every year!


affiliate links above..the more you buy, the more money it makes me for my kids Christmas! 😉

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    Such good ideas!!!! Definitely using the Cards against humanity idea!

    November 17, 2015 at 3:36 am
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