• 30th Birthday Weekend at Omni Tucson Resort
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    30th Birthday Weekend at Omni Resort Tucson

    similar hat // earrings // kimono (designer dupe!) // top (& HERE in two other colors) // shorts //sandals Talk about the most gloriously relaxing, ridiculously fun, and incredibly delicious weekend! My husband surprised me and booked us a staycation up in Tucson at the Omni Resort, and it was what all my dreams are made of! The food at all the restaurants was insanely delicious, the cabana bar next to the pool made the most amazing frozen drinks, and their service was top notch. Oh and if you go, you must try the mango hummus there, it was to die for! (I must attempt to recreate it!) (those fish tacos & calamari from…

  • Superhero Classroom Valentine Cards!
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    Superhero Classroom Valentine Cards!

    Admittedly, I’m not someone who goes all out for Valentines, I think it’s still to close after Christmas and I feel like I kind of save it for Easter! But now that I have one of my kids in school, Ive found myself a little more excited for it than usual. Picking out cards for him to handout in his class was so much fun, and since Minted has such a huge selection, we had so many fun ones to choose from! (I shared a bunch of my favorites HERE!) His teacher emailed us letting us know they’re going to take all the Valentines that day and each child is…

  • Classroom Valentine Cards!
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    Classroom Valentines Cards & Gift Ideas!

    s’mores | hauler back | super friend | taco | warm heart | tickled pink This is the first time I’ve had to buy classroom valentines cards for one of my kids, and all I gotta say is, this ish just ain’t what it used to be! I remember we’d get a box of cards, usually just cardboard pieces that we would have to separate and stick a lollipop or something on the back. They were all themed whatever was in at the time; power rangers, ninja turtles; lisa frank! ha! But now! gosh valentines cards are so fun and there are so many great options with Minted! I literally…

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    A Ninja Party to Celebrate my sons 4th Birthday!

    This post is way overdue but I still want to document it, because my little guys Ninja Party was SO much fun! His birthday is Christmas week, so we celebrated a month early in November, and until he realizes otherwise, Ill do it that way every year. It was so good to be able to make him feel so special, and it didn’t get drowned out by Christmas. He was sooo excited, he counted down for monthssss guys, months. The night before his party, my husband and I stayed up after the kids were in bed, and decorated for it, and when he came down the next morning, it was…

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    Christmas 2016 Vacation Recap!

    Now that I have one of my boys in school, Christmas vacation takes on a whole new meaning. It was so, soo good to have all three boys together every day all day, so good to just stay in our pjs for five days playing with all our christmas presents, so good drinking endless hot cocoa, building gingerbread houses, taking a trip to Leavenworth, to just give up the routine for a bit! I never wanted any of it to end, because like everything else, it goes by to quickly, and here we are, back at school, at work, and back to routine. Its good, I like it, but I’d…

  • Cozy for Christmas (Pajamas for the family!)
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    Cozy for Christmas (Pajamas for the family!)

    beanie | sweater | sweatpants | C’s pajamas When you’re juuuuust about to be four year old begs you to take pictures, you never, ever say no! This handsome guy and I have gotten so much time together these last few months since my oldest started school and its so incredibly amazing to get even closer to him and have so much one on one time. He drives me batshit crazier than anyone else in my house, but he also loves the absolute hardest. (and now I want to wake him up to squeeze another hug from him just so those little arms will wrap around my neck.) I digress.…